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A List Of Strains That Mimic Pharmaceutical Equivalent Effects

pic book

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every time i smoke a-train, i find it to have the effects of ambien, in that it causes deep and lasting sleep within 40 minutes.  from ambien i'm often groggy upon waking.  not so with a-train.

visitors to this thread:  feel free to add further examples.

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i am simple and a-train puts me to sleep.

i told you that ATrain was some sleepy weed when you made that post asking for a sleep inducing strain.

Glad she is working out for you.

However as we all know, everyone's results are different.

General use recommendations are helpful though.

As you can attest to.

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I've grown and sampled nothing more "potent" than Ghost Train Haze. Of over 700 different strains, this gem isridiculously devastating with huge over the top medical positioning. It hasn't gone unnoticed either. I grew dozens of them and each was a tree with little veg time and gave back no less than 4 ounces=1k light=2 gallon pot=soil=worm compost.


I've got a very high tolerance for cannabis, and the preparations thereof, never been accused of being a lightweight, and I avoid these two. I'll grow them once in awhile to see people turn colors. I think these are what some of you are seeking.



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I have a patient who has quit her colonapin with cannatonic#4 caps and I have quit xanax with it.  For me it relieved all my anxiety,OCD, ADD, bad self esteem and depression.  It actually got rid of the underlying cause unlike xanax which only masked it and made you tired.


I don't doubt that you received relief from your symptoms but you're stating that cannabis actually got rid of the cause of "anxiety,OCD, ADD, bad self esteem and depression" (vs symptomatic relief from pharmaceuticals.) So it cured you and you don't need to use it for those purposes any longer? I'm sorry, but I'm skeptical about statements like this, unless you can specify exactly what "the underlying cause" was that cannabis cured.

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Got rid of the underlying cause means that I'm not sedated into not obsessing about these things, I actually look at things in a different way.


I always used to take anyone cutting me off etc. as aggressive and would react defensively, swearing and getting agitated.  The last time someone cut me off their kids were causing a ruckus and I actually empathized and backed off and didn't get defensive.


I went to the store the other day with my dog and actually looked people in the eye and was interested in what they said and wasn't in a rush to leave the store.

I went to a german festival that was very noisy and instead of leaving for a cigarette every 2 minutes I was only slightly annoyed and still looked people in the eye and conversed over the cacaphony.


I wake up in the am and don't immediately get that shock of "what do I have to do today, did I miss anything, do I have enough money to cover bills, are any of my plants going to be wilted because I missed watering one"? I actually don't even start thinking of what I have to do today till after I've got the coffee going.


I was worried that I'd let down my friends if I sold the property back in NY and worried I'd fail if I had to sell it and worried about everything about it.  Repairs, fire, whatever.  i now realize I already won.  My friends have been able to hunt it for 12 years, I've built up equity so that, if I sell it I get much needed cash to fix up and improve this house and pay debts and if I don't I have a great place to hunt that can pretty much pay for itself thru logging and hunting and rental revenue.


I actually look at everything in a different way since I started taking CBD caps.  It's "cured" my misinterpretations, for lack of a better descriptor.  I used to think about what I wrote on the internet, what I had to do after and everything that didn't have to do with what I was reading at the moment, while reading.  I've been like this since grammer school. Since I've started CBD my reading comprehension has gone up tremendously because it's stopped my mind from being so ADD that I can focus on what's in front of me.


  The day I bought an 1/8th on the way home from fishing I set up an appt with a psychologist because I was crying on the way to go fishing for only the 2nd time in over a year(I love fishing and should not be crying).  When I went to the psychologist and told him my story he remarked"I guess you won't be needing another appointment then"?


It's the singlemost best thing that's ever happened to me in my life(other than my wife).  I should add that I think(and others) that I may have Asperger's syndrome.  Had I had CBD back in college I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had that stint with pills and alcohol and I would've got a much higher GPA.


So it didn't "cure" me.  I still have to take it.  It has made me feel like I never have before in my life.  Confident, relaxed and able to eat good food.  Oh ya, it got rid of my sugar cravings that I've had since childhood.

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What's interesting is that I've felt this way on some types of MJ.  Russian Rocket Fuel had me getting up and starting projects without thinking if I'll have enough time or if I'll be able to do it or if i'll be able to do it right.  Unfortunately I never got it tested as this was NY.


  Being it's an autoflower, I wonder what the CBD levels were.  I know it worked for my mind better than any other strains I had other than when I was breeding my own strains back in college.  But back then there was no testing and I lost all those strains and that's when my IBS and anxiety started getting worse and i had to go on xanax.


  Looking back on it, if I'm correct, it seems to make sense now.  The best times in my life were when I was breeding my own strains for years and picking the seeds from what made me feel the best.

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If i get the seeds and she grows I will let you know how it turns out with white widow....


I did get a chance to sample The White and found it to be relaxing,made me a bit tired...bad dry mouth


If white widow is better than the white....am in for a treat..


Now to get over the fear of buying seeds online... :unsure:


Gonna ck out the site grassmatch suggested....

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