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For The Last 2 Days I Have Been Able To Get Into Everything, Except For

pic book

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A couple weeks ago, searched for a marijuana court case and got a virus. Then every time I attempted to pull up mmma would get pop ups and blank screen. Ran malware and Norton 360 and shut computer off a couple times, everything is fine now.


Never dreamed of getting a virus looking for a court case.

One of the many issues that was happening past the forwarding to NSFW and adult sites was the malware attack, I think Zap got the main problem, but with so so so many subroutines available it is always possible that there is something, somewhere left in the system.   (Edited for grammar)



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back?  relatively.  on desktop, current system is a real pain to find what new threads have been started, because only the newest one comes up on forums page and there may have been multiple new ones in a forum category.   not convenient to find new threads like before it was before feb 25 by simply clicking 'new content.'  90% less user-friendly.  used to be fun.  now logging on by desktop is just another to-do list item.  via phone, seeing the tiny text and typing the itsy keys w pinky ward me off from posting. so, kinda like back, somewhat, sorta.

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