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New Names For Compassion Clubs ?

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what can we call it now without misunderstandings ?


these may be a key to a community gelling. power is in numbers. There are cities open to the concepts, but paying the rent seems to get in the way. Attendants drop I bet, soon after they don't see tables and jars...

bstards ruined it maybe.

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It wasn't the rent.


Well, let me say there are many reasons why CC's fell apart.


 But to address the point,  A CC requires a decent amount of effort and time without being paid.


People aren't actually very charitable when it comes down to it.


 People will pitch in a few bucks to help,.. but no one should expect to be paid.  The money just isn't there which is why many turned to making money, favouring themselves in patient placements, and a host of other reasons let alone the failure of this organization to support the CC model.  Once it busted, it was truly broken.


 I do not know how to fix it now. I tried for years.


add: must add the previous leadership groups failed the CC model. It was gone and broken by the time the current leaders took back over.

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