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This Is The Hell I Moved From


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DO NOT vote for Cuomo if he makes it to the running for president.  I swear that is one democrat you DO NOT want running this country!!!!  He just started the applications for growing med MJ and I heard it is 10k for an application and 200k in fees if you are accepted and over 1,000,000 to make a facility compliant.  Heresay but I believe it for Cuomo.  He's part of the "3 men in a room" that decide everything, corrupt as they come.  Sheldon Silver and the other henchman have been booted for underhanded dealings and either they fell for Cuomo or he's next.  He's a republican in democrat clothing. Actually there has gotta be a new name for him because he took away guns(made you register) under the guise of assault rifles and made the only place in the country to limit guns to 7 round clips.  He is the worst of both worlds, he's against guns and he's against MJ.  Usually a party wants to take away one or the other, he wants both. 

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Im glad you moved from there and came here!  it was realy great meeting you, im glad I followed the thread and knew who would be bringing dogs bawahahahahahaha!  our buddy didnt bring his huh lol!


I would have brought mine but I thought better of it and now after seeing the landscape we were at and the person not having his own pets im gladd I didnt lmao!  some thing tells me you were april fooled a lil late!


Peace my friend!

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