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I Have To Plant 'em Before June 6, And I Can't Get Back On The Property Til October 15. The

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wood fence is 8 feet 7 inches and if anything goes above the fence, they will all be destroyed.  So which strains are gonna get too tall?  I know blue dream is out, but I also have clones of these: 

afghani kush

apollo 13

blueberry (cali cut)

blueberry (medman's cut)

free leonard #2


gorilla glue #4

iranian auto flower

la confidential

platinum cookie




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well pic, all of them have the potential to outgrow your area, or remain as little bonsai bushes too. All depends on your vegging times, training, weather, feeding program, etc.  Blue Dream could be a little sprout with a one ounce cola, a couple weeks veg time, or a towering tree requiring months of veg time maybe/, up to you really. Chopping the tops off of your clones before flowering will reduce the overall height of the finished plant too.

The largest cannabis producer I've ever grown, without purpose or extra care/veg time has been the Iranian. Its a ridiculously aggressive plant, perfect for the cbd chaser, and  lover of the slack jawed couch lazy body numb effects.

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grass: think you missed something pertinent.  whatever i plant, i can't get back on the property until oct 15. the plants are gonna be untouchables until oct 15, all growing untouched, unless they peek over the fence, in which case the maintenance man for the property will chop them all down.  these are the landowner's terms.

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sorry, I did miss the oct catch day.


so, the plants before you transplant. secure a shade cloth over the top of the fenced area to restrict anything from growing out of the top. ??  You have no way without chems or mechanics to assure plant height outdoors.  My Tahoe Og has been running full time since 08 and once in awhile a bush pops out, instead of the 6 foot tall lanky wonder. chit happens. if its a matter of life or death, the options are clear.

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Stake down the tops so that you get more lateral growth.


I've had good luck growing sativas outside by bending them down at the base of the stem when they're young and staking them just above the bend and at the top.

Usually the side branches will grow into tops but don't get as tall as the plant itself normally would.


I had an unknown strain from bag seed that ended up crawling almost like a vine. But I was able to keep adding stakes as it grew, a luxury you won't have.


To answer your question, I would go with the afghani kush. Install a chicken wire top at about three feet for a screen of green effect.

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unfortunately pic will not have the luxury of visiting the plants at tie down intervals. staking the top down at onset might be best hope, along with a top. what is the issue with putting a top on the enclosure to keep the beasts contained?  a 20% shade cloth would be fine, and cheap, and even camo

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i suppose staking down the top might work on these clones which are 8 inches, but unsure.


think i'll go with chicken wire at 3 feet over afghani kush.


to install shade cloth i'd need time beyond the plant-or-don't date, which is june 6 (saturday).

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the existing wood fence is 8 foot 7 inches and i can't touch the owner's fence; i mean i can't alter the fence height.

put chicken mesh at 6' and hope it dont go thru it, I beleive is what t was saying, I would just go get the mesh and attach it with carpet nailer strips, put lil screws in it so it dont hurt or notice on the fence when you are done,


Best of Luck!





edit= sorry I should have read the whole thread before commenting, stake em down the best you can, I truly hope it works for you, and sorry im a day late and a dollar short lol!

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14 days to a verdict.  i cannot get on the place for 14 more days.   I can't get any closer than a block.   when i drive past the place all i see are weeds drooping with bright yellow heads (golden rod?)   whatever the pretty yellow plant is, when its drooping it still stands 14 foot tall.  things are prolly not going well for the real weed.

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