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Which Do You More Poweful? G13 Or Afghan Kush?

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which yields more?

My LA Affie is very powerful, and with 50 days or so veg time I consistently yield more than 3 ounces, in a one gallon container.

I have one in the octopot five gallon now, she's taller, with a larger circumference. I expect this yield to top 5 ounces. I believe she is purported to be a pure afghan, but we wont know till dna results are in.


Every DNA Afghan fem I get is really good. while the one gallon pot yields with 50 days veg give up -2 ounces, an acceptable yield for the quality smoke imo, I suspect the five gallon pots will be more. I know "power" "potency" "strong" etc are subjective, but I'm confused....Of hundreds of (breeder seed)strains (excluding harlequin,cannatonic/hemp varieties) only two were thought to be "weak" by me and my patients. The remainder were very special representations of fine medical value. in our opinion of course. any weak strain I've sampled since always came with a disclaimer, like, summer temps, pests, deficiencies, and I figured this to be the fault of the grower. Those high cbd strains are nauseating to me and mine and avoided here.


if you're growing for profit in weight, g13


both? choose something like 9Pound Hammer. I promise, if finished well, will not disappoint you. My current one in a five gal octopot is near six feet indoors, with monster frosty buds. The last one I harvested was a solid tray of dried golf ball size nuggets, the second largest yielder here.

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