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Hello Everyone

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Been reading the forum for a bit and recently joined. I was a patient for 4 years previously but had a gap where I focused heavily on my career (better job better team). Now that has all settled down I've resubmitted my application (check has been cashed) and just waiting on my card. I'm hoping to find a caregiver in the Southern Genesee/Northern Oakland county area. I had a caregiver before but there was persistent mildew/mold problem with the meds so I won't be going back. I used to commute to Ann Arbor for work and was able to frequent a dispensary I liked that had good quality control and very friendly but a bit pricey of course. I'll try not to check the mail too many times today.


Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the better weather, take care.

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Welcome Back!


You will get your card quickly I hope!


It only took like 21 days for me to get mine in dec, I sent in a change of adress in jan and im still waiting, but I dont even care any more lol!



Welcome back to the forum,  I also have change form in and waiting,  however Lara claims they are behind a little, for changes and such, a new card is still coming in at a month... 

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