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Looks Like Recreational Marijuana Wont Happend In Michigan At All, Most Signatures Rejected Because Of New Law.


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pisses me off, all this  hard work went to waste

ffuck snyder




I just contacted Bernie sanders on twitter and begged him to help the Mi Legalize campaign, i gave Bernie Sanders the board of canvassers office number to contact and call. and i begged Bernie to call the office before Thursday to urge the board to accept all the signatures regardless of the new law.


i am not sure if this could help anything, but i thougth i could at least ask Bernie sanders for help, and he would be very interested in this issue.

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Am I the only one who isn't surprised AT ALL that they pulled this type of shenanigan?


I've been saying the whole time that they would like to get their restrictive medical/dispensary law passed, squash recreational, and in turn merge recreational into the new medical system that jones is apparently moving ahead with. Button it up nice for friends and business partners. Those folks have no interest in the state and it's well-being.
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its hard to imagine Snyder has enough time on his hands to stand on the throat of cannabis users.


Snyder got rid of straight ticket voting in Michigan so make sure you take the time to individually vote all repubs Out of office.


You can thank the governor for the long lines and wait times.


Vote. it's worth it.

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