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Medical Marijuana Grower Raided In Benzie County


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TRAVERSE CITY — The green tips of marijuana leaves peeked from the top of a Benzie County Road Commission truck after law enforcement officers collected hundreds of plants in an hours-long bust.

"We needed a big truck," Michigan State Police Lt. Kip Belcher said.

Authorities searched two properties on Cinder Road in Homestead Township on Wednesday starting at 7:30 a.m., Belcher said.


Traverse Narcotics Team detectives, Benzie County sheriff's deputies, MSP troopers and Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement detectives searched the properties.

A makeshift, scarecrow-like watchman looked over the fenced fields where marijuana plants grew on the property authorities scoured into Wednesday afternoon.

They searched campers and a home on the wooded property, lined caution tape between trees, stationed officers at either end of the parcel. Road commission trucks hauled away the fragrant plants.

Belcher estimated officers seized about 350 plants. He surmised they weren't plants grown by amateurs.

"These are high quality marijuana plants," Belcher said. "These are plants that require a machete (to harvest)."


Officers arrested three men on suspicion of violating the state's medical marijuana law, Belcher said. He suspects the men allowed too much access to enclosures separating medical marijuana plants. A red garage where marijuana was drying was left unlocked, he said.

Medical marijuana plants have to be in high-security enclosures, Belcher said. Allowing people access to all the plants on the property meant those people were caring for more plants than the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allows, he said.


"For somebody to have access to all these different enclosures for purposes of trimming ... that's a violation of the act," Belcher said.

Nine people were on the properties during the search, Belcher said. He expects authorities will request arrest warrants for the six people not arrested Wednesday.

Linda and Bob Kuehneman watched the bust from their neighboring Cinder Road home. They saw the lights flash early Wednesday as they awoke to take their medicine, but Linda Kuehneman said the morning rain obscured from view the amount of action outside.

"We had no idea how much until the rain let up," she said. "They were very professional."

Traffic and noise were most of Linda Kuehneman's complaints about the next-door medical marijuana operation. She said her neighbor growing medical marijuana is a decent person who never made her feel unsafe.

"It's his business and his place, and he said it was legal and I believed him," she said.



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He surmised they weren't plants grown by amateurs.? I guess not but  they should have known the facility had to be secured

And 350 plants. is hard to trim for just one person that would take me a full year to do 



I hate trimming and I dont grow lol!  I do get a plant every 90 days or so,,,,,,,,so I do have to trim, but I dont trim like most c.g's and despenses,  I dont sell it so im not going to trim it proper, I dont do nothing with popcorn budds any longer,  that goes in the budder pile lol,,,,,,I no longer do it at a friends house, my mom and dad dont care and dont want to clean my sugar leafs of all their popcorn budds lol!  


Did I say I love budder!



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I always thought it was stupid, that you can have a 12 inch plant that isn't even showing it's sex yet, and it HAS to be locked away, but I can leave 5 oz of dried cured MJ on my kitchen table and it's totally legal (I have 5 cards and everyone that lives with me has at least 2 cards)...


I generally don't leave much out, but the law is written that I "could" do it.  Makes no sense, just like having to put it in your trunk to drive it around...

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