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Cg Needing Plants


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If this is inapropriate, I apologize and please take it down. As some of you may know, my husband's entire outside grow was stolen a few weeks ago, 45, 12-14 ft. plants. Though I have donated a few of mine to him, I only have a 2 patients compared to his 5 and don't have nearly enough plants ready to go into flower. If there is anyone out there in the Genessee Co. area who might have at least 4-6 nice plants ready to go into flower at a good price, could you please contact me? The loss of the outside garden hit very hard and you would be helping a lot. Thank you all. Blkwlf

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t-pain: Thank you. I wasn't sure if I was over stepping. Of course I expected, if anyone were able to help, they would contact me via PM. For growers who've only been in this for 18 months, this was a VERY hard hit to take especially after losing the entire indoor grow this past winter to mites after buying some bad plants ( some turned out to be male, others definately weren't what they were marked to be and all were webbed with mites within 24 hours ) from a person who ripped off several other people too. I also know this hit makes next year's outside grow a target too. At least my husband and I have had a quick education and neither of us is ready to give up yet. This forum showed me that there were a lot more good people in this industry than bad. You've all been very supportive and non judgemental considering my inexperience and I'm thankful for your support!! Blkwlf

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