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Totally new to vaping--basic questions

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Watch some youtube. Nothing beats a good video to show you the way with a specific tool. I have several kinds of vaping tools and they all work differently. 

I don't like the any that you have to add in additives to make it work.

I have oil you can take a huge hit with and have some that would make you cough. Lots of variables with this. 

To help with muscle spasms you need a strain that has body effects like OG Kush. 

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Leafly is a website with lots of cannabis related information and articles.  Spend some time exploring the site.  There is a wealth of strain specific information there too.

This article is chiefly about tailoring the effects of cannabis vaping by experimenting with different temperatures.  Sounds like you do not yet have a device that allows you to vary temps but assuming you likely will soon, check out this link.  Also, see the reader comments after the article for some other good tips.



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If you're using a co2 oil cartridge, a couple drags will do you.  It hits you pretty quick.  Most effective is a slow, direct lung hit (like a joint).

The oil is pretty thick and the viscosity slows it's wicking into the coil, so don't try to hotbox it (give it 30 seconds or so to resaturate with oil if it starts tasting "burning")

Lower power is better with the cheap arsed carts they use, so keep it under 3volts if possible.  Not enough power and you'll get hardly anything.  Too much power, and it will give you a burnt hit, start to degrade your wick (the moisture of the oil is what is keeping the wick from catching fire) and possibly ruin your oil (will cause the oil in the tank to heat up)


It's discreet (visual and olfactory), easy and POTENT.  I think majority of them are 70's? 80's?

Personally, I think it's a cleaner feeling effect, but it lacks a little in the body high area. So, if I want the full shebang I skip to the pax for dry flower.... Just takes longer, much less discreet and the smell is strong.

But! The flavor from vaped dry flower is second to none!  However, some flower is best not vaped... Like GMO... It tasted like I gargled  skunk spray, after vaping that skunky, sulphury, dank flower!

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

I get plenty of vapor.

I've tried long hard drags as well as short shallow drags.

It seems there is no effect. I feel nothing.

I have noticed that I am sleeping better.

As I said, I am using "The Clear."

There is also something called Michigan DAB Vapes.

Is that more effective?






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