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Bubblegrower's Blueberry Patch

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i have them setting on a ballast right now :)


big heat, but one needs to be careful as well. the paper towels will dry out real quick. they are on the ballast until 7pm, and then they go on top the fridge until tomorrow morning. if they havent popped by then, they get dampened and they go back on the ballast.



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I Love the Beer choice.......Unfortunately I'm down to my last 12pack of Fat Tire......DJS Blueberry Nicest of His Stock !!!!!


welcome!! yeah believe it or not, my wife drinks that stuff ??? and the kids love cheesy hot dogs :)

im gonna be watching this! i have been wanting to grow Blueberry.


welcome. it should be a great show........ i hope :)

Good luck with the grow! I'll definitely be following along :)


grab a chair, have a seat!!


nice to see you :)

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I had DJ's BB long ago, was incredible.. smells like Blueberry pie after cure..

oh its gonna smell like blueberry's around here before that :)




What up BG aka "Baghead #2" jk lmao... This is gonna be sweet. Dont forget to take alot of pics for us :pic::thumbsu:


sup bud :) nice to see ya.

the wife still gives me crap about that :)

oh yeah, i like them pics :)

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I've had this strain for over 5 years now. I've shared it with many many growers and everyone loves this. I actually went to a 420 party in Arcata with a good friend out there. We waited at the place for 6 hrs and left only with a signature. He is a very elusive man...rightly so i assume.

But yes this strain is really great. It clones exceptionally well and has a very great sleepy effect my wife loves. Good luck and Canna-bless!

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I'm pullin' up a milk crate... DJ's BB is a very hearty plant almost problem free. My friend had a power failure while away from home. The DJ BB and the white widow moms were the only two to survive. The WW hermied so he bred it to the BB (Blue Widow). The babies are one hearty strain. Years of problem free growing! Good Luck!

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I have had this strain since I started (to long for me to mention :blink: ) you will not be upset.....and like I tell everyone who tries their hand with this strain, she does not mind stress during the last 15-18 days of flowing...she will frost up very nicely especially if you let that PPM creep up about 10-15% past where you think it should be....


plus the bubble system you run....we are doing basically the same thing...PM me if you want so we can compare notes.... :rock:

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thanks for all the kind words folks.


i actually have grown a blueberry strain before (back home in cali) but not d.j. shorts.


i'm gonna open the breeding room back up when this one is over as well.


i've been in michigan and had my grows set up long enough now............ its time to start getting some strains back :)


i just checked on the beans...... nothing happenin' yet, so back on the ballast they went. i have a feeling they will be splitting open tonight :)

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