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I Dare You To Try!


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OMG!!! Morhawk you sure know the secret ingredients. But i like to throw a slice of cheese in with that onion every know and then.





Yeah..lol I was shocked when I read your PB and MW sandwich. About 20 years ago (sigh) my friends older brother made a PB, MW, and onion sandwich. I was going off on him about how ******* gross that is. He said here, try it. I buckled up and tried it, and I was amazed that it actually wasn't bad at all. I don't think I have had one since and surely never heard of anyone else until that post. You're not originally from Pennsylvania are you? lol

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Mm..so many dif things to choose from.i love america.id rather be fat and on the verge of a heart attack then dying of hunger.(i may eat like tha piece of bacon used to but i stay in relatively good shape)now whose ready for a piece of turkey wraped around a piece of bacon with a slice of cheese after that and crunchy nacho doritos in the middle.

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