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Manicuring Questions

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How much do you trim off? Do you dig deep into the bud and snip off every leaf leaving pretty much only calyxes, or just trim the leaves so that it's a cylinder shaped bud?


How do people get buds to look like this, and why?






I'm guessing people roll them between their hands to squish them like that... why is this done? Wouldn't you lose trichomes in the process? Does it preserve them better or something?

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For me personally, this is just a bit leafy.I like to trim to the profile of the bud before drying. When buds are hung dry with a good bit of leaf left, the leaf almost coccoons the bud. It also may be the result of laying in a drying rack. There are a variety of manicuring options. Most of it comes down to personal preference. It still looks quite yummy! I wouldnt turn it away! Medcnman.

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Some of those buds could have been trimmed by a machine - where they roll around.

most buds just take shape naturally, good buds are dense.


i don't dig in to the bud - but if you can reach a leave's stem as it connects to the main stem - cut it off as close as possible. Good sissors with sharp points.


Then on the outside of the bud - rule #1 - don't harm the calyxes! Just cut on the outside surface of the bud to cut off the leave. You remove any leaves with no trichromes on it (sun leaves) and you cut most of the leaves with trichromes (more tricrhomes on that leaf under it!) thats your trim to make oils with. Discard Sun leaves.


As the bud dries, those leaves that were cut will shrink and even protect the trichromes on the bud. You want to remove as much leave as to remove much of the chlorophyll laden stuff on the bud (thats the green or hay smell/taste) This helps air flow to dry the bud.


some people cut loosely and they end up with leaves on the bud - this really ends up as 'shake' in your jar or bag.


try trimming a fresh cut branch, it is easier to trim than one with wilted leaves.



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I do two trims the first i snip each individual bud off the stems then pick them each up gently wearing powder free gloves and trim as much of the leaf off as possible keeping this short trim for oil and hash making plus i freeze the gloves and peel the resin off of them as well when I'm done drying the buds i look yet again to see if any bare leaf remains if the leafs is heavily coated with trichs i leave it .

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There are several factors that I consider when doing my trim. I am a vaporizer guy, so I don't care a whit about bag appeal, tight looking buds are okay, but they can also be the source of problems in storage. So, I only trim all of the larger leaves, then I carefully cut back the remaining leaves to the point where I can see trichs forming. These all vape well, and I am the only person (besides the lovely lady in my life) that I have to impress. I do trim a bit more for the wife, as she prefers other ingestion methods. While the trim is an important step, I concentrate much more on getting a proper rinse at the end of the grow (no less than two weeks of plain water) and ssslllllooooooowwwwwwwwwwww drying and a good long cure in clean jars. There are several points during the entire process where you can throw a monkey wrench into getting excellent results, but, by paying attention to the details, you to can produce top quality meds for you and your patients. j.b.

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The buds in the picture look like they could have been trimmed better. That's about what mine look like if i let the patients help trim. I think there is more to it than bag appeal though. Those leafy buds don't cure out as nice as buds trimmed properly. Any extra leaf left on the bud makes for the "green taste" which comes from chlorophyll. if you are vaping you probably won't notice the green taste but if you smoke your meds you probably will......


I think leafy buds also make for a tougher cure because the gasses they give off make the jar smell like alfalfa. if you are very diligent about burping your jars you might get a better cure but once a day is plenty time to mess with it for me. You are going to pay the piper one way or another, might as well spend that extra time trimming instead of burping in my opinion.


Also about dense buds. I notice that the general opinion is that quality buds are always dense. Some strains of cannabis, especially strains that are sativa dominate will NEVER produce dense buds. I like to see dense buds myself but it's more of a weight issue than a quality issue. Of course on the opposite end of the spectrum, most indica dominate buds should be dense. Don't turn your nose to buds that are true to type......

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All hand trimmed by : Jane


Daaaang T! Talk about meticulous! You guys do such a good job up there!


My trimming is still slow. My hands are 75% numb, and hurt around the clock (not anywhere near as bad as my neck, which causes those symptoms.)

But I do a so so job. I have been told I need improvement.



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