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Flowering At 55/35 Degrees


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  1. 1. whats the coldest you have ever flowered at?

    • 35-45
    • 45-55
    • 55-65
    • just darn cold

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i have flowered this particular strain out many times,but this time it is in a new place (that i will no longer be useing)i moved everything but 2 plants to a warmer place and wanted to just see what happened with these 2. So 1 is a nl#5 and the other is a ssh/ogkush so for the last 3 weeks my max day time temp was 65 but averaging 50-55 and my night time temps ranged from as of last night 34..-45.... i thought by now they would be dead...




so 3 weeks into this temp thing and the nl#5 is alive very purple and pack with resin.




the ssh/kush is still flowering and has a mass amount of resin all over it this plant seems to love the cold.....


now they are both at about 6 weeks and the yield is down slightly for the kush and significantly for the nl#5 but my hole point of this was i cant believe the kush is still growing so good.....




what do you all think

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last winter i seen some one move 3 plants out in the garage in late dec, was 0 degrees most nite, the reason he moved them was he ran out of room in his budd room and he put them in a meddle locker , He than put a pump house heater under the resivour to keep it from freezing and the only thing these plants had for heat was the 12 hrs of lites they were recieving, they thrived, one was purps dont know what the others were, but wow amazing what them plants can actualy adapt to!


it dont realy surprise me to much about the n.l, most ive gotten has come from out door grows in canada! so no big surprise there! :goodjob:

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this week the highs have been around 52 when lights are on and 34-38 when lights out...


34 is too low, expect slow growth - you might as well put the plants in your refrigerator. Expect that your yields will suffer and one point you will come into the room after a cold night and find that frostbite wiped out your work.



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34 is too low, expect slow growth - you might as well put the plants in your refrigerator. Expect that your yields will suffer and one point you will come into the room after a cold night and find that frostbite wiped out your work.




Nice to see you on here this morning after hearing about the raids in your neck of the woods! :thumbsu:

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I been reading a lot of forums and it seems the compassion club leaders and advance members dont know nothing at all about growing marijuana. Yes true growing at a lower temperature does change some strains a darker color. Not all. You have to know the basics of where the plant originated from. Some plants do well in heat, some great in cold. As a breeder you have to know the science to growing your plant properly. Each strain is different in many ways. You can't just drop a seed water it and it will grow. Everything has to be right from the soil to light to even the water temperature. Growing medicine is hard work, and I see most people just know what they read online instead of taking notes on their own projects and trying their own theories. Just know its over 1000 strains of marijuana and more being made every year due to cross breeding. Only a great caretaker would know this.

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so you're an advanced grower, breeder, or 'great caretaker', but cant find your own beans?


sorry if i'm coming off as angry, theres just been a bunch of new members with strange posts...

please forgive me if i misunderstood your post.


and no, i'm not an advanced grower because i'm an 'advanced member'. i got that title because i post dumb stuff a lot! :)

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I am thinking that the take away from this thread is that ya don't necessarily need a super duper climate controlled environment. It's obviously not optimal to be way at the fringes... but rather for many patients.... maybe they can grow it well enough......


And if ur incapable or have other desires.... by all means.... get a caregiver..... and obviously.... optimum conditions maximize yield


But it doesn't mean and we shouldn't be presenting to patients that because they can't afford a fancy fancy grow setup .....that they should think they can't could grow quality meds for themselves.... they can....


If ur able... try..... be damned optimal conditions


In fact.... a lil outside optimal yield conditions.... could yield u more potent meds......this might not be a good business model.... agreed..... but somefolks just need meds


Great genetics get u long long way toward great meds


If ur able try..... n develop the quality and scope of ur techniques and ur grow as u go .......incrementally


One problem or challenge at a time...... don't make it daunting

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I beg to differ! I am still getting fresh roses from my rose bushes on a daily bases!

ever heard of Frost..?  LOL...i cannot even imagine anything growing under 50degree's...wth...LOL   In dead winter my rooms drop to about 55-58 but that is intentional.  Anything lower thatn 50 and I think it would be a ton of stress.  Don't ever want to go below 55.

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I cant find beans in michigan this state sucks in cali people give you beans, hell people gives you ozs of weed for free. To be a medical state the economy here sucks donkey. And fyi I had cali friends s3nd me beans. Now im good just not into buying beans thats for suckas. If someone wanted my seeds I would give them to them and just ask for a sample of the product. Now I got beans that noone has here in this state so im good. Just hate that I had to move to this bumb donkey state but it is what it is. People here afraid to break state law when its federally legal to grow weed bunny muffin backwards as hell excuse my typing n not im not mad either.

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