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Home Visit Tomorrow

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so I'm sorry if I messed up.

I am a caregiver an patient, as some of you know from previous posts, my daughter lives with me, two months after she moved in with me, she informed me she was pregnant, my worse nightmare came true.

I want to be a grandmother, but I didn't want a baby in the house cause I'm a caregiver.

My daughter works but doesn't make enough to support a mouse, the plan when she moved in with me was to go to school, so now she needed help from the state which comes with strings attached, in order for my daughter to recieve help such as natural child birth classes breast feeding classes and any furniture she might need when she gets her own place, there has to be at least one home visit, wtf?

She says she isnt there to snoop, (I got news for her it isnt happening).

I'm worried about the smell of course, so I plan on shutting everything off in the basement, she's supposed to be here at 2:00 tomorrow, then fry up some bacon.

I plan on her also using the front door.

Ive dusted washed my pics, I'm also going to put powder on my carpet.

I'm hoping theres an attorney reading this, I'd like to know if the lady should catch a smell of Marijuana, what do I say?

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cindy, is your furnace blower forcing air constantly into your 4-inch sewer vent? i.e., is your basement grow an area of constant negative presssure?


Yes or no, face it. She moved in, the baby comes! and u face getting out of growing, or her and baby getting out. One or the other. No way to keep everything w/o untenable legal risk and all the rest that entails But whatever u choose, u are helping the needy. Do u feel u do more good for blood relation, or for patients? (I realize they also may be blood-related). Actually your behavior! answered for you when you let her move in...


Harsh and true...

Life is choices every moment.

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@pic book

This is not about choosing between growing or my daughter, this is what it is, I had a plan when I left my husband, an that was supporting myself till I get on Disability. You don't even know me to make that statement.

I don't have a choice right now.

As far as I'm concerned I'm LEGAL!,

If I'd of known my daughter was gonna get pregnant, she wouldn't of moved in with me.

And Thankyou Zapat, i will call in.

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The cops have to come in order for your daughter to get help? I'm pretty sure it will be a state worker and as long as your house does not smell of dope and everything Is locked I think you'll be just fine. If the ask why this or that door is locked then u have to be ready or lie. Just a thought


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Being a grower for a very long time


paranoia can be a double edged sword


You have the advantage of knowing its coming and are prepared


Just be yourself


Remain calm


and comment on the fantastic weather


All will be fine


Say a prayer if ya feel the need but seriously


Day in day out


People are not as sharp as your mind thinks they are


Your gonna be fine


Confidence and faith are powerful tools

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The lady that was SUPPOSED to come out, called to confirm the appointment at her office, ughh !

So along with the grey hairs, I don't have to deal with it till next month. My daughter told me when she got back that once again the lady said she only needed to make sure tbe baby has a crib and car seat, ,yeah, right.

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Whoa! Cindy! I hear your asperity. I was a father, and know I could not have said, "No" to a minor child moving in... But I would have relocated my garden.


I should have said "Congratulations" in my earlier post, as u are only the 6th female 'solo spark plug' of a garden whom I've ever 'met.' I am curious what you thinik is unique in your make-up, that you are in such a tremendously limiterd class of female gardeners. (I think there is a much tinier % of females-to-males growing than there is females-to-male prisoners. Yet, so baffling, females make up the vast majority of addicted casino gamblers).

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When you do finally have your home visit. I'm sure the case worker will immediately recognize that you are a responsible loving mother and grandmother, who has provided a healthy and safe home environment. I'd wish you luck, but I really don't think you'll need to rely on any such thing. You're all set. 

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Hey Cindy,

Make a pot of chili, bake an apple pie and brew a pot of Strong coffee.

You will not be able to smell anything else. Your stomach will be sending too many hunger signals to the brain. Ha ha ha.

Seriously Good luck!


Don't forget to offer the nice Gestapo lady a piece of pie. That should keep her nose out of the basement! :stuff:

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get a ozone generator, It will kill the smell quick.


Good Luck



This ozone generator works well. Probably would need a timer too to cycle it on and off to keep the ozone at a safe level. They work really well, but ozone can be unhealthy at high levels, so cation should be used.

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No its not the cops that are coming by, its a lady from the health department.

Rrr i hate this!


we had a cps investigation, they didnt get past my kitchen table, they didnt look in the fridge, they didnt want a tour, they didnt even stay long enough for a cup of coffee, paranoia will save ya, just bake some cookies if it smells like mm, or your bacon, they just want to see if you all look normal and dont live in a pig pen, thats all, no probs, you will soon be thru it if you already are not!


Best of luck! your good dont worry about it!




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