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Michael Komorn Eats Up The Illegal City Ordinance In Flushing Mi


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I was referred to Michael Komorn by a friend who used him for their case. They gave him a high review, but it is really hard to understand just how good he is untill you see him in the courtroom. My case was the first case against the city of Flushing and their completely illegal city ordinance. If you are unaware about flushing, they say that you can not be a caregiver in the city of flushing among other things that completely goes against the will of the people when they voted for medical marijuana in Michigan. It was a real scary experience for me because my career could have been ended had i gotten a "drug charge" on my record. Michael fought this case for over a year as the prosecutors kept scrambling and changing what exactly that they were going to charge me with. Michael was very confident and reassuring the whole way through. Looking back it was almost humorous they way he kept the prosecuting attorneys squirming  as he beat every argument. His knowledge and pure passion for the medical community really showed as he was schooling the city on what the law is and how their ordinance is a direct violation of the medical marijuana act. I just really wanted to write something to personally thank him, as well as give my recommendation for anyone who may be going through any legal issues. If anyone has any questions about my case or experiences i will gladly accept. Thanks again Michael!! 

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How did it not allow a section 8 defense?  Are you being charged with a local ordinance violation or is it a state charge?


It is a local deal.  Probably a zoning violation from what I've gathered.  Not a CSA/PHC thing.  The Flushing police previously told the press that they report any patient or CG they encounter to the feds.  Just about the worst place for MMJ.

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Thank you everyone it really does mean a lot to me. There really are some amazing people in this community. While we was picking jurors this older lady slowly made her way up to me in the middle of the courtroom looked me in the eyes and shook my hand. She thanked me and told me that she really hopes i win my case. It gave me instant goosebumps the sincerity and tone of her voice was just beautiful.

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