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This Is On Bt Clones: 4Th Year Grower Seeks 300 Clones Up.

pic book

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Public forums host saints and sinners.  .how would this saint justify the 300 in his bed when his truck is pulled over by Shuitte's minions, halfway to the national forest location shown on the map?  Freedom of speech for saints and sinners alike--what's he going to say?

And 300 under the roof of the national forest?  This dude is challenged, and not just because the 500 clones he started took a dump and put him out scouring public forums.  What about a legal outdoor grow?  Really, on federal land, and advertised as such?  Hey you fogot to post the coordinates.


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on national land eh? lol, How come you didnt put a link up pic?


Well at least there are no corn feilds on national land around here,,these dumb arse hill billys plant in corn feilds,,lmao...that way when the corn turns brown the mary jane stands out like a soar thumb,,,,,if your gonna do an ilegal grow at least be smart about it, and dont go get your pt or c.g card before you do it, go black market all the way, no one treating pts as a c.g needs that much, if I could get 300 clones to crop time out side, heck that would be enough for me, my pt's and my c.g and his pts for a few yrs!


If ya want a legal out door grow you can do it, just make sure it is not seen, and it is locked, the poles in ground in cement, a top like the sides a chain link fence, but than be prepared to be home or have some one you trust to baby sit them, all it takes is a pair of pliars and some one is in your legal out door grow, ya need motion sensors, vid cams,,heck better yet, electrify it bawahahaha! that would make for a fun video!




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Please, if you're going to make an opinion post about something, can you please post the subject that you're opining on?  We don't all read the same newspaper article and we don't all know what you're talking about. 

how to post a link?

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