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Splitter Results For Only The Cost Of Shipping? But Lifting 15,000 Btu Was

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is no joke, and the boxing was labor intensive to build. (My 15 hours, and 3 hours from a second man).  I followed the directions and pics at: 'ac boxes made easy.'  To start, I bot a 15,000 btu window unit (CL, $150) and adapted it to windowless use.  With costs for the aluminum-coated insulated tuff board, and aluminum tape, my total came to $189, which is a few bux less than the shipping costs for the splitter I was considering buying.  

Caveats:  I already had the tools required. 

Careful :  15,000 btus weighs more than one guy can handle by himself.

Note:  I already had a 220 volt plug-in in the room.

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remember to dissapate the heat in the attic somehow, i remember lots of stories about IR cameras on helocopters flying about.

If he is following the rules what would that matter? just wondering, I sure as heck am not worried about having a grow room in my home. I make sure its locked and im within  my numbers!


so realy what do you do put your plants in the basement or above or next to your hot water heater and furnace?


Maybe I didnt under stand your comment t-pain? as far as the heat being disapated most homes have ridge vents or end vents to do that!




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If he is following the rules what would that matter? just wondering Thanks Jim


do we know what the rules are? after almost 5 years with the Law we have i am sure we all  here all know what they are but we don't count its the

courts that count as you know we both where Legal as any one could be and we where one of the Patients  that the voters thought about when they Voted YES 

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Throw a pic up if u can, like to see wat u did for future reference.

next harvest?  I'll get a camera and figure out posting pics.  Right now, just come on over and looky loo and smoke down and pop a pic up for me.  Deal?

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