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Hard Candy Recipes? And Or Cough Drops?

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or there's this one courtesy of WildBill


Posted 24 August 2011 - 06:43 PM

Cannabis Hard Candy and Lollipops

Learn how to make marijuana hard candies and lollipops! Our first weed candy recipe. These are great on the go, when you just can't keep food down, or for parties.

2 cups sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup water
1-2 ounces marijuana tincture
Candy or Lollipop molds
Your choice of food coloring and flavoring
1. Add sugar, syrup, and water to a pot on the stove over medium-heat. Stir until all ingredients have dissolved and bring to a boil.
2. Bring to 300 degrees (F) and slowly stir in color and flavorings.
3. Turn off heat and as quickly as possible stir in marijuana tincture.*
4. Pour into candy or lollipop molds.*

* The liquid will very quickly turn into solid form so you must as well move very quickly! Don't get high before hand smile.gif

Enjoy, experiment and get creative!

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I tried the paula dean recipe with the butter. Problem is that the candy wont get hard.  Can someone tell me what im doing wrong.. Thanks a bunch.


Might be the temperature. There are seven temperature stages for candy making. You want "Hard Crack" 300-310 * F.


Name           Temp                Description

Thread         223-235* F      The syrup drips from a spoon, forms thin threads in water.


Soft ball        235-245* F     The syrup easily forms a ball while in the cold water, but flattens once removed.


Firm ball       245-250* F     The syrup is formed into a stable ball, but loses its round shape once pressed.


Hard ball      250-266* F     The syrup holds its ball shape, but remains sticky.


Soft crack     270-290* F     The syrup will form firm but pliable threads.


Hard crack   300-310* F     The syrup will crack if you try to mold it.


Caramel       320-350* F     The sugar syrup will turn golden at this stage.

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Paula Dean recipe works great I use a 1.5 grams of hash oil  and 2  tbls of cana butter.   One time i had to pour excess butter off top and had butter running through sucker molds but they still hardened up.  Believe this was due to quility of the butter.   I cut recipe in half due to cooling effect and getting molds filled.  Always have haredened up for me but got to hit the 300 mark.

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