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Surviving Hospice With Cannabis


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(Health Secrets) Regardless of the fact that several sessions of chemo or radiation lowers one’s chance of getting healed from so called “alternative” methods, it appears that cannabis treatment can overcome that obstacle.


Stan and Barb Rutner had already had bouts with cancer earlier in their lives. Barb twice treated breast cancer with orthodox treatments and her version of visualization. Stan managed to get through non-Hodgkin lymphoma after six months of treatment. Of course, cancer seems to like to return after remissions from mainstream treatments. And this time, when they were older, it looked like the end for Stan.


This time Stan, a retired dentist, was diagnosed with lung cancer which had metastasized into his brain. The diagnosis surprised him. He thought he had come down with flu because of his chronic cough. He was in his late 70s, and coping with orthodox cancer treatments was going to be harder than it was before.


The radiation and chemo treatments wore him down completely. He could barely write anymore, and his short term memory was completely shot. He was suffering from extreme weight loss, muscular atrophy, insomnia and a lack of energy, as orthodox cancer treatment side effects combined with cancer’s cachexia (wasting away).


After a round of unsuccessful treatments, his condition worsened with pneumonia from radiation inflammation, and he was hospitalized and put on oxygen 24/7. Stan was told that it was time for hospice. Normally, hospice is designated for those with a prognosis of six months or less to live. But Stan’s doctors told him he would be gone in a couple of weeks.


Cannabis treatment to the rescue



Both Barb and Stan had used alternative techniques to a limited extent as adjuncts for their orthodox treatments. But Stan’s daughter Corinne and her husband did some research and came up with cannabis treatment, aka marijuana as a solution. Fortunately, the Rutners reside in Northern California, the first state to legally recognize marijuana for medical purposes.


Of course, this marijuana was not to be smoked. California is where a lot of research has isolated the other cannabinoids of cannabis for healing beyond but including THC, the psychotropic element of marijuana that produces the high.


Hemp agricultural research has created a variety of strains that offer different compositions of cannabinoids, and other medical marijuana researchers have developed different ways to take in the plant’s benefits, including edibles, suppositories, and extracts such as Rick Simpson’s cannabis treatment oil.


The human body contains receptors throughout, known as the endocannabinoid system, that await cannabis’ cannabinoids, including THC, to lock in and heal whatever needs to be healed and harmonized. Of course, this was largely unknown until the gate was opened for medical marijuana in some states and international medical research went beyond getting high.


John and Corrine discovered that it was easy for Stan to ingest and absorb coconut oil-infused cannabis capsules. Soon after starting, he was able to sleep and eat, and no longer needed external tank-supplied oxygen. He began feeling more energetic and hopeful. Then he began walking with a walker, and soon after without the walker. His turn around was amazingly rapid.


By January of 2013, Stan’s MRI results read: “IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.” His lung and brain cancer were totally gone. Stan still uses smaller amounts of cannabis capsules for maintenance.


See and hear the Rutners tell Stan’s story themselves at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uJsHcJ6pFk.

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I see their medical textbooks are riddled with advertisements from the sponsors of the print, big pharma. The text within has reduced problems like high cholesterol being a dietary issue to an actual Lipitor deficiency. Some doctors have been quoted as believing everyone should be taking Lipitor. High blood pressure, stress, etc are similarly professed.

  These types of treatments have flooded the textbooks and no longer is the focus the cause but instead the symptoms that can be alleviated with a patented chemical made from animal hormones, acids, fluoride, etc. The readers are briefly taught how to prescribe the correct dosages when these issues arise in their patients' life. Advertising prescriptions on television is immoral and even outlawed in many countries, who believe we are zombified to allow such an atrocity without outcry. What will universal healthcare do when a pill for waking up everyone every morning and going to work costs $5k per month ?   

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The text within has reduced problems like high cholesterol being a dietary issue to an actual Lipitor deficiency. Some doctors have been quoted as believing everyone should be taking Lipitor. High blood pressure, stress, etc are similarly professed.


When I was diagnosed with diabetes the doctor immediately wanted to put me on Metformin. I had to argue for trying diet and exercise first. I was able to find an endocrinologist who would work with me and was in fact able to control it without pharmaceuticals. The steroids of course shot that all to hell and I ended up on insulin for awhile but now I'm drug free for my diabetes again.

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