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Marijuana Smell On Michigan Kindergartener Leads Cops To Dad's Homegrown Pot


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An Upper Peninsula man is asking a judge to suppress evidence of more than 200 marijuana plants, which were seized after his daughter told her kindergarten teacher about homegrown pot.

Federal Magistrate Judge Timothy Greeley says there was probable cause to search Randall Fieck's home last January. But Fieck's lawyer is asking another federal judge to overrule that report and quash the search warrant.

Kingsford police went to Fieck's home after his daughter had a strong odor of marijuana on her clothes at school.

Fieck had a medical marijuana card, but the number of plants likely exceeds what's allowed under state law. He's charged in federal court.

Because of the marijuana card, Fieck's lawyer says police had no probable cause to believe there was criminal activity to justify a search.




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I recall the police in my sons school showing a baggie with herbs in it, rolling it up, and asking if anyone here has ever seen one of these. With a show of hands kids would give up the info. All kids were rewarded with candy after each exercise, including rolling papers, joints, powder, pipes, bongs. It may have been one of the scariest things I ever saw, maybe because I was sitting in the class while darting glances were exchanged between parents. Orwell's 1984 written decades prior warned of these tactics.

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Well, this is one of those sad situations.  I unfortunately know this story well. It happened a few miles from me.  The Feds got him,... and they got him good you could say. Ugh.


200+ plants,... a few pounds of marijuana and a bunch of cash.


 Not exactly immunity material  under the MMMAct, which doesn't matter in Federal court.


An overzealous father who should have been a little more careful.

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on the subject of using our kids to rat us out.. that is bad form, they have done it for years, I taught my kid, say nothing unless you want to go to a foster home, always remember the girl that rated her parents out for weed, cause she was told by the cops at school assembly how it was bad and they would fix it right up, well parents got busted, kid got sent to a foster home, guess what she could not ,get back home.. cps took care of that ..she was crying then,, now this was before any mmj laws,,, but apparently nothing has changed... cops in schools shouldnt allowed to use children to trap there parents..  Pretty sic sheit ya know.. but then again its the pigs, so no surprise there..

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And some cops are still dumb enough to wonder why they get no respect or help from the community.

"Some" ?  A single cop might have a clue, but put two together and you find the herd mentality... intelligence leaves the mind, replaced with we kill you, we are in charge.. 





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