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Cass County Police Bust Marijuana Growing Operation

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CASSOPOLIS, Mich. — One individual is in jail after police in Cass County found a big marijuana growing operation within the 66000 block of Tharp Lake Street in Cassopolis.

On Thursday, Oct. 2, Detectives with the Cass County Drug Enforcement Staff recovered roughly 20 pounds of processed marijuana with a road worth of greater than $50,000, based on a press launch from the Cass County Sheriff’s Division.

Additionally they discovered one one that had been processing a considerable amount of marijuana on the market. That individual was arrested and brought to the Cass County Jail. An arraignment in Cass County District Courtroom is scheduled for on Friday, Oct. three.

Every week-lengthy investigation main as much as the invention and arrest was prompted by ideas from space residents. 




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its something i've seen a few times when trawling for news about michigan medical marijuana.

it seems that many sites are using automatic translation to rephrase articles , so they take a regular article on mlive and then translate it to spanish, then back to english again.


and viola! now it doesnt violate copyright (well...) and they can trick people into reading the articles.


its a real pain in the butt. because you'll see a few interesting sentences but then it talks about space aliens and road worth and "processing marijuana on the market".


for a second i thought they were talking about a farmers market bust. very confusing.

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I recall our local DTF speaking of the law at city hall in 2008-9. He looked at everybody in there and said he " recognized many of the people in the hall, many of whom he raided 20 years ago" He told the group to "follow the rules this time and there won't be any troubles" So far he was right, at least in our county. There is no shortage though of registrants blatantly breaking rules in transporting, growing, counting, distributing, etc. People laughed then at how easy it would be to follow the law we voted for. I wonder who's laughing now?

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Here in detroit rippers are buying devices to listen in to metro pcs phones, and they are paying for them with bogus credit cards.  sure, they constitute illegal wire taps but oh well, they steal credit cards and signals and marijuana and grow equipment and most of anything else they find in a house.  it's all thievery and crime-on-crime. we in detroit pay a big price for not having jobs available.

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