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Delta County Eyes Medical Pot Rules

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ESCANABA - The Delta County Planning Commission discussed the possibility of looking into new zoning laws and regulations for medical marijuana operations in Delta County during a meeting Monday.



Delta County Building and Zoning Director Dan Menacher said attempting to zone medical marijuana growers out of existence would likely be an unsuccessful way to deal with them, as evidenced by the results of similar cases in Michigan.


"You cannot zone them out," Menacher said. "That will not stand."


Instead, Menacher said the commission should focus on restricting what land can be used for medical marijuana growth, in a similar manner to other business-related regulations. He cited restrictions instituted elsewhere in the state as examples.


"They've got something somewhat reasonable that people can live with," Menacher said.


These measures have included setbacks (particularly from places like churches and child-care areas) and the creation of specific districts in which medical marijuana growth is permitted.


"You don't let a commercial business go in a residential area," Menacher said. "That's what zoning is."


Though Menacher said this issue will not be resolved overnight, citizens in attendance appreciated discussions about it have begun.


"It would be nice to have some type of regulation," Garden resident Janet Daasch said



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Delta C used to be an area where Cannabis was prevailant, now there's an epidemic of people hooked on opiates, both pharma and street. You would think they would be welcoming of cannabis as an alternative to the bunny muffin that's causing all the break-ins, and pharma theft. I think full legalization is needed, and then cannabis could be a tool in the belt of every doctor that's trying to help people break their addictions.

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