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Rick Simpson Oil Questions

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you can eat the oil for more medicinal benefits than smoking it.


warning it will hit you like a sack of bricks . you may sleep for 2 days on the first go.


to store it, a dark, dry place i think.

Thank you. When you say eat it, can I just put a drop under my tongue?


You also say it may help me sleep. Does that not depend on the strain it was made from? For example, I thought that hash would also help me sleep, but I was given one particular batch with the warning that it would energize me and I should use it earlier in the day. Apparently it was made from a strong sativa. I've got lots to learn!

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I either put it in capsules or I mix it in peanut butter, but than again I only eat my own because I know how it is made and know all of the butane is out of it, it dont have to be called rick simpson oil, how long has he been making it, like I said in an earlier post, I have been making honey dew since I was 17 yrs old, Im now 52 do the math, Im thinking I have been making it longer than rick, how about we start calling it phaq oil,,,,,bawahahahahaha, it would be appropriate, it most def does phaq you up lol, I did 3 grams of my  oil mixed in peanut butter and spread on an english muffin,,,,I have my munchies in a coffee table next to my lazy boy and a fridge just a few feet away, I did 3 grams 2 days in a row, most people would totlay freake out, but iim used to the feeling and know I can not o.d on it, well maybe I took to much but o.d ing on mm is different than od.ing on drugs, you will not need to go to the hospital, you will just need to chill and enjoy the pain free day and the peace of mind you will have, on the 2nd day I did not get so out of it as the day before, I could have actualy did most things accept for driving, but I chose to just sit in my lazy boy and enjoy being pain free for the first time since may of 98 and I had been having issues with with my mental state, it also helped me on that, I cant describe how happy and free I felt,,,,,I made sure I had nothing to do or any one depending on me for them 2 days!


I totaly have no regrets for doing 3 grams 2 days in a row,,,,,I have never did that much and before when I was feeling the way I was feeling before doing the oil, I used to go get me a 1/5 or half gallon of liquir to forget my problems, but they only came back and I felt sick for several days, with the oil I felt fine the next day and just wanted to try it again because it felt so good the 1st time!


and most def only take a lil bit, it does usualy take time to hit you,,,,,like when i do brownies and it dont hit me in an hr or 2 I eat another, and as soon as I do I feel the first one and than I know I did wrong and may as well make myself compfy because I will not be able to go any where soon lol!


eating mm, oil is the most effective way to use mm for sever pain or depression, but that is only my opinion and from what I got from doing my own experimenting!


I have these fiber pills and they are capsules that can be taken apart and dump the insidess out, I put oil in them also, I fill it up, it may be a 1/4 to 1/2 gram and it works real well, I usualy do not smoke my oil, I do vape it now and than and I find that what ever I vape it gives me an up feeling and makes me want to be productive, so when I have things to do and im in alot of pain I usualy will vape some mm and I get a whole lot done, if I was to just smoke a joint I would get more of a down feeling and just want to rest! again that is my own experience with mm and oils!  If I wanted something to just do a drop under my tounge I would make me a strong tincture!



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