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Getting Card Again. ?

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Have barely been in Michigan due to work the past couple years and finally

back home mostly.

Going on Thursday to hopefully get my card again, I was wondering once

I have all paperwork and proof I have sent the info off to the state can I go to the

dispensaries or do I need to wait till I get the actual card? 

Also how long is the state taking to process new cards these days?




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Some provisioning centers will allow you to visit with a copy of paperwork and proof that the state has cashed your check.


Process time seems to be fairly quick lately. Send your stuff in certified and that will put a pep in their step. You should see your card in two weeks, but there are always those instances where it takes them forever. I have personally waited over a month for a card, but also had one in hand within 10 days (sent certified).

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OK so got a denial from the state today...

Because I was an IDIOT!

In my rush to send my paperwork to them I sent them a copy of the Dr Cert.

I sent them the original today with everything else again as well as the denial letter (as they stated)

and sent it USPS Overnight so they will have it tomorrow.

Should be interesting to see how long its going to take to get my card now....
I am kicking myself in the arse over this one and no one to blame but myself!!

I was SOOOOO looking forward to some good wax!!!!

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This thread led me to this site which has been very helpful during my navigation of the legal process. I figured I would give my findings to help others who find the wait and questions to be agonizing.


I sent my forms on November 19th. Just like the OP my check was cashed December 1st but the state did note the payment was accepted on November 24th. My hypothesis is that they cash checks in batches and not as received.


My application was denied because the assistant at my Doctor's office wrote the wrong date of birth. I looked at it several times but the numbers looked right to my mild dyslexia and faith that the Dr. would do it right and it would be me to mess up the application at some point. But nope...I did my part...I got the new paperwork today and will be mailing in an hour. I did note they say don't call if no card after 60 days if a denial letter is not received after the 15 business day review.


I have a question for the OP - Did you send your application in much later than November 5th? If you got the denial letter on December 18th and mailed your paperwork at beginning of November the law reads that you were good for a time period. Just for personal edification I am curious.


To everyone - check your paperwork thoroughly before you leave the doctor's office. DOB seems to be a major stumbling block. MM/DD/YYYY - Don't let it deviate in style.


I will update when the State of Michigan has fully approved my treatment option. Thank you for the knowledge repository.

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Card arrived today!  

Even with my mistake it was only about 6 weeks to get my card.

Id say that is pretty good!

Once I sent them the originals it took them less than 2 weeks to get me my card even with Christmas and New Years breaks

in the mix.

Off to seek some good Metro Detroit Disps tomorrow!!

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