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Get Out And Vote Today! Eom


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I got out before I even had a coffee,,,,,the worst part about voting was the fricking iosco county cop in his new car, you couldnt even tell it was a cop car, (im glad I dont speed) but that realy pissed me off a frickin cop parked near the voting building (our old high school) trying to pop people speeding for getting out the vote,,,,,,my vote is in,  fire all cops they suck! and most def get rid of shutte he is on duty, I hope he is not on duty by the time I go to bed,,,him and his cops can all kiss my arse!


Peace officers what a joke, they realy want to give us a speeding ticket on voting day?  I wonder why that is, does shutte smell the coffee, not my coffee but I did fart when I didnt vote for him lol!


no more adds on t.v tomorow and I hope them slime balls go around and pick up all the signs too!  in about a yr we will have all of the adds again and signs!



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times a changin and nothing is gonna stop it!  why would legal mj be worse than legal liquir?  The states need to get smart and tax it, I bet their is way more to make on cannabiss than alcohol, I think mj could change the world, it could save the trees lol, I been saying we need to get the tree huggers on board with us for many yrs, or at least 5 or 6 yrs!  farmers could grow hemp,,


hey how does that work if it is legal for use in a state can they grow hemp for rope, clothes, gas, lumber,etc?


I live in the middle of farm land and been wanting to ask some of the farmers all around me that grow cow corn, or what ever you want to call it, feed corn?  it dont get cropped untill like now, they are cropping it now around here, and the ones that grew it last yr are growing something else, and they havent cropped it yet,,,,it is my understanding that the corn messes up the soil and they grow something else every other yr to get the soil back to how they want it?


Who knows about that?  g.m you know about it? how about you John?


and hemp puts everything back in the ground and dont take from it, am I on the right track?


Im just interested.



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With all the legalization/medical going on right now I would like to point out that the federal government says drug use among 12-17 year olds has fallen.  In every category of drug use between 2011 and 2013 drug use fell among 12-17 year olds except for 2 that remained the same which were sedatives and LSD.  So much for the gateway theory of marijuana. 



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And now the repubs control the US Senate.  Only good thing to come out of the elections was more states falling to legalization/medical. Every1 that falls will move the ball closer and closer to the feds to where they'll have to play ball.


I would not call it falling...



I might say... rising up :)

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