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Moldy Edibles.....need Help

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I'm currently facing a manufacturing with intent felony charge for having 13 packs of extremely moldy gummies in my trunk. I need help with finding a court case somebody posted on an edible thread. The case was about a man who had a methanol/cannabis tincture (along with cocaine charges).  I feel like I can use it in my case but I can't find it. The bag of gummies was marked moldy and the precedent set stated that if the person believed the controlled substance to be toxic and it couldn't be converted back into their original narcotic form, then they weren't considered narcotic anymore. I need this in case they strip me of my section 4 or 8 defense and offer no plea. Help from whoever gave that link would be greatly appreciated. 

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good luck with your case and GIVE ... THEM ... HELL.


also look up MCL 333.8109 if your lawyer hasnt already briefed about it :)


especially this part:

(3) Article 7 and this article do not apply to conduct permitted under the Michigan medical marihuana act.


article 7 is the entire controlled substances act...

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Off topic but gummie candy is sugar - it shouldn't mold???????????????

I got questions too, like the weight of the packs of gummy bears, which may be the only issue in the end. There is precedence with edibles. and why not just simple posession, where do they get off with manufacturing and intent with packs in a trunk? I figured it safer if op don't share some details for a bit... but yeah...

whatever's happenin'.... He shouldn't be in court for possessing packs of medible candies right?   As a CG he may be permitted to possess this weight on behalf of himself and his patients, after all, they are simply a preparation thereof, a notion that is clear and offers protection from arrest for this possibly.


Best Wishes to op!

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