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Resisting The Inevitable


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Quote"What most should understand about the two states that have passed recreational use of marijuana is that traffic crash fatalities have increased since the laws were changed.

Driving under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.Quote"


 I take issue with this, was under the impression that it was false information..


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Yes, it is false information. Most reporters no longer do research into the claims or numbers they provide, it is simply regurgitated from other outlets and LEO. The 'increased crash fatalities' is purely based upon a higher than 5ng/ml blood concentration of THC during accidents, which in no way correlates with intoxication or increased accident probability. It is why I argue against letting laymen such as someone in MSP or even a MMJ patient from contributing to our states THC driving limit program(s), because it's easy to be mislead or portray garbage like this as fact.


                      Deaths per 100,000

                 Washington       Colorado
2014                6.5                   9.1
2013                6.3                   9.1
2012                6.4                   9.1        <- Legalized in Nov.
2011                6.7                   8.7
2010                6.8                   8.9
2009                7.4                   9.3
2008                8.0                   11.1
2007                8.8                   11.4
2006                9.9                   11.3
2005                10.3                 13.0


There has been little if any changes to accident related fatalities. Even in Michigan fatalities have decreased since the MMMA was enacted: 2005-2006: 11.0%, 2007- 2010: 9.7%, 2011-2014: 9.3%

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The media does not need to tell the truth. Once they say it then it is taken as the truth. What a joke. The media wouldnt know an unbiased truth if it hit them in the face. Havent since the Richy Riches began owning them particularly in the 80's


All needed information is provided by Glorious Homeland, comrade!


(Please report to the nearest Thought Purification Center immediately! It sounds like you are in need of re-education.)

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