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Hundreds Of Plants, 60 Pounds Of Marijuana Seized In 4-House Raid


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MISSAUKEE COUNTY, MI -- Police in Northern Michigan seized hundreds of marijuana plants and more than 60 pounds of processed marijuana while carrying out four search warrants this week.

The Missaukee County Sheriff's Office performed a search and seizure on Sunday in Lake City, followed by subsequent seizures Tuesday in Butterfield Township and Pioneer Township.

Callie McLeod, 23, and Makenzie McLeod, 20, were arrested following the first raid. They are facing felony manufacturing marijuana charges in connection to the property on South 13 Mile Road, police said.


Manufacturing less than 200 marijuana plants carries a sentence of seven years in prison, and/or a $500,000 fine.

Deputies executed the first search warrant Sunday, seizing 171 marijuana plants and more than 10 pounds of processed marijuana from the 13 Mile residence, police said.

Two days later, the department searched properties on E. Kelly Road, S. Nelson Road and N. Northway Drive. A combined 145 live plants, 57 hanging plants and approximately 50 pounds of processed marijuana was taken, police said.

Authorities say their investigation on the grow operation began last spring, but it was an officer responding to a vehicle obstructing traffic Saturday who noticed the smell of marijuana near the house on 13 Mile Road, according to an UpNorthLive report.

Officers returned to the property Sunday with a search warrant. 

Deputies are investigating individuals from the Miami area who are purchasing houses in remote areas to produce marijuana. Police said the McLeod sisters are believed to have been working for them, according to the UpNorthLive report.

Assisting in carrying out the investigation and searches were personnel from the Traverse Narcotics Team, Michigan State Police, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and Homeland Security Investigations. 



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Sessions  is going to have to do something about the marijuana  problem  Maybe he and crump can cut funding to states that have this problem  that will teach them.


Yep. Gonna have to learn them real good about what happens if you mess with Mary wanna.


"Good people don't smoke marijuana". -Jeff Sessions.


Good people do, however, restrict people's right to vote and encourage the use of law enforcement to stifle political dissent. Communist/Fascist tactics = Good.

Marijuana = Bad.

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