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Raids Seize Nearly $500K In Drugs From Multi-State Trafficking Group


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JACKSON, MI - Nearly $500,000 in illegal marijuana and mushrooms were seized by police in a series of coordinated raids Wednesday in Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties.

At 8:30 a.m., April 12, the Region of Irish Hills Narcotics Office executed 10 search warrants for homes in Somerset, Liberty, Spring Arbor and Woodstock townships and seized a large amount of drugs, cash and weapons, according to a Michigan State Police press release.

After a six-month investigation that crossed state lines, police uncovered a large-scale drug trafficking organization involving the production and sale of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, said Det. First Lt. Brian Bahlau.


"The 15 persons involved in the bust were operating under the guise of Michigan's medical marijuana laws but were selling strictly for profit," Bahlau said.

Investigators seized approximately 490 marijuana plants, four pounds of marijuana wax/butane hash oil, 20 pounds of processed marijuana, 1,300 Mason jars of psilocybin mushroom spores and approximately $6,000 of processed psilocybin mushrooms, police said.

Additionally, officers seized $139,000 in cash, 17 long guns, nine hand guns and eight vehicles in the raid, police said.

Since the passage of state's medical marijuana laws, Michigan has become a lead exporter in marijuana to states that do not have medical marijuana laws, Bahlau said.

The 10 houses raided had an extensive, well-assembled operation when search warrants were issued, police said. The psilocybin mushroom spores, valued at $386,000, still were being cultivated during the raid, they said.

No arrests have yet been made, as the Michigan Attorney General's Office still is reviewing the case for pending charges, police said.

The investigation was assisted by the DEA, the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team, the Southwest Enforcement Team, the First District Homeland Security Team, the Livingston and Washtenaw Counties Narcotics Enforcement Team, Tri-County Metro, the Monroe Area Narcotics Team and Investigative Services, Western Wayne Narcotics, the First District Fugitive Team, the Lenawee County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan Department of Corrections.





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That is very deceptive.



But,.... holy hell,... you think we have enough police in this state or what?


The investigation was assisted by the:


Michigan State Police


Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team

Southwest Enforcement Team

First District Homeland Security Team

Livingston County Narcotics Enforcement Team

Washtenaw County Narcotics Enforcement Team

Tri-County Metro

Monroe Area Narcotics Team and Investigative Services

Western Wayne Narcotics

First District Fugitive Team

Lenawee County Sheriff's Office

Michigan Department of Corrections.


I mean, holy wow wow.


I can see where the budget could get cut.  I assume 20% of those could be gotten rid of.

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irish hills. sad tourist trap that shriveled up when MIS stopped having races all the time and the older generation with money died off.


the kids arent buying trailer houses on the lake. no money.



I didn't know that the race track closed down i used to go to then races all the time camped out in the inn field first turn very fun time in my life

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Maybe someday the War on Drugs will end.


They are ramping it up 'bigly' right now. The opioid crap is reaching new heights. The propaganda is building.


I will fight against the war on drugs; not just for marijuana.


It is wrong.  I would assume the 100 billion dollars they spend on the drug war could go a long way to actually managing the drug problem. 





p.s.  An example:  Free public college tuition for every United states citizen + Free School Lunches for every kid in public school.

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