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New laws big business


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15 hours ago, shishka said:

Not anytime soon as the shops operating with temporary permits need caregivers to keep them stocked with meds. 

Nope. I asked them. They need nothing. They are bringing it in from out of state. They are not shy about telling you that either. They are not buying anything from real Michigan caregivers. 

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I believe that there will always be a place for caregivers. Those who truly need cannabis for medical reasons will be priced out of the recreational market because of all the taxes and mark ups on the product.

I've also been noticing that the black market is thriving in the states where they have legalized because the legal shops can't beat the black market price.

Those caregivers who grow in order to help their patients will do just fine. Those who think that they're on their way to riches will be greatly disappointed.

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