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Just starting medicinal

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Hey everyone. I'm new to the group and using medically.  I haven't received my card yet but  it's on it's way. I'm brand new to having to go to a dispensary. I've only ever used from my local "friend" so I'm unsure the differences. How should I begin? I'm using for CRPS TYPE 2 ( pain). But I also have a full time job and school so I can't be stuck on my couch. Any recommendations? Oh lastly I currently live near Muskegon  but I'm about to move near Big Rapids. 

Ok and go. . .

Peace, Love, and Punk Rock

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vaping has a different effect than smoking.

medibles are different than both vape/smoke.

there are multiple ways to try marijuana:

  1. start slow with eating marijuana an hour or two before bed. small amounts. you can build up a tolerance to the effects over time and then just maintain pain by dosing each day.
  2. vape pens, but i prefer whip vaporizers or volcano vaporizers because you can use flower. there are vape pens which can use flower, i am not sure which ones are the best.
  3. i just eat the raw flower buds. about the size of a peanut m&m does the trick for me overnight.
  4. if you make your own edibles, be sure to cook the marijuana first, this activates and converts the THCA into THC. smoking/vaping both heat up the marijuana to convert THCA to THC.
  5. there are also topicals and balms. these work great for various skin conditions. less so for pain.

remember marijuana is still illegal and the smell is what gives you away. try to not smell like fresh marijuana or marijuana smoke. this simple trick will keep you out of trouble 99% of the time.

next, never speak to the police. never answer questions to the police. besides your name and drivers license of course, be polite but ask to leave or ask to speak with your lawyer. this will keep you out of trouble 70% of the time.

if you can, grow your own. its a fun hobby and can yield cheaper medicine than dispensaries. 

feel free to ask more questions. good luck!

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With the type of condition you have, I believe along with vaping, smoking or edibles, the combination of any of those with a good topical will be beneficial.  My experience with topicals is you'll know in a matter of minutes if it's working or not.

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I advise you to try cherry pie strain. That's a mix of sativa and indica, Its proven by me&my relatives that cherry pie is good for different kinds of ache ( though, not caused  by autoimmune diseases). I also recommend you not to vapor, but to consume it as edibles ( cookies,firecrackers etc. ) I do not remember more specific information but I found article on this topic there

Hope it'll be useful for you

Wish you luck :)

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