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Who Thinks Kingpinn Should Be Reinstated?


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  1. 1. let kingpinn back

    • full access?
    • posts approved?
    • he was a dcik, leave it be

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Look, I know there was trouble. I'm here every day. I saw. But come on, the amount of stress he's under has to weigh in. ANY one of us would be ready for the nut house if we walked in his shoes. like it or not, his case will shape our law. he DESERVES our support and should be re-instated. approve content if you must but LET HIM BACK.



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i say let him back..


i preface my opinion by stating clearly i don't know the details of the incident that got him banned, but banning is causing a rift in our community and i support a second chance for almost anyone.

if theres trouble again, then by all means it's time for a smack down.. but if this was his first problem, then let him back.

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I'm a firm believer EVERYONE deserves a Second chance ...


I personal can't remember what the deal was ?


Why he was banned ? Im Old ...


I surely rather him be here ,then some that are ... LoL


But Im not the Boss ...


I 'll leave that up to the Administration


I do Not remember " Kingpinn " Ever

being disrespectful to me ... :bighug:


We ALL make mistakes and

even i 've said things i wish i would'nt have ...


I 've let Anger get the best of me ...


I 'd say let him back , But

He has to clean the Kitchen for a month ... LOL

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P.S. I didn't do this for Jim(phaq)........but maybe he's learned his lesson too????????????? I KNOW the "site which must not be named" is all but dead. perfect canidate for pre-post approval. let's let ALL bye gone's be bye gone. one chance and out, if need be. even vendor made a point or two in the distant past. Shouldn't THIS site be the new place where ALL the voices come together and debate the subjects. bring back big daddy and the MACC. no ads but their voice. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

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" LongHairBri " i meet you at the Jackson Farmers Market


and your a Good Man ...


Im not one for holding grudges unless you HURT me ...


I personally stuck my neck on the line for Jim ...

and gave me his word he would be Good ....


It did 'nt work ...


But i still like Jim and do miss him ...


I still talk to him on Skype every now and then ....


I too wish the same thing ... People getting along ...


If they can't get alone ...

STAY the Heck out of their Post ...


But they just can't do it ... i see it all the time ...


It's worse then baby-sitting a bunch of Kids ...

Its Stupid ... We Need the Numbers So Badly ...


We Need to start working in the same direction ...


But there are just some that will never learn ....

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I don't know what kingpinn did either, and, although he's never acknowledged me, though I was always kind to him, I know he's under a LOT of pressure. I've always wished him only the best in his life, that his case would finally be won and he could try putting his life back together. Having someone monitored could work, but the mods have their hands full here, and have their own lives to deal with, too. It'd be asking a lot, so I don't know what to say, especially because I don't know the circumstances. Whatever happens, I hope he can get the help he needs, to deal with all the trauma he's been through and never deserved. He needs to have MM to help him, now more than ever, without worrying about some overzealous prosecutor coming down on him. My heart aches for him and all who have had their lives torn apart by such a cruel system of injustice. The very law that's supposed to protect us is being used to punish us. I know if it were me, I'd be totally torn to pieces. Once someone's life has been destroyed by such trauma, life can never be the same; all anyone can hope for is to try to move forward somehow. I have no bad feelings for kingpinn.


Sincerely, Sb

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I like the old policy. Greg and Brad's opinion was patients are in pain, which causes grumpiness, out burst, short tempers, and many other less than stellar behaviors. To ban them would be abandoning patients in the time of need and pain. Banning was left for true trolls who where only here to cause problems.


Cool down period is one thing, but permanent banning has stunted our community. There is now a long list of banned.


But on the flip side, where is Greg? And Brad is not seen too much ether. They got tired of dealing with us grumpy, ungrateful patients and who could blame them. I guess being king is not easy.


Also, banning only stops those who do not wish to do us harm. People can change I.P. address or shift them using tor, or layered proxies. Banning only keeps the generally good and honest away.


Edited for clarification.

Edited by thanks2
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Kingpin was looking for a reaction from BB, and he got what he was asking for. But, we all have good and bad days. We all crack under pressure sometimes. And we all have are unique ways of dealing with our problems. We are a extremely divers community, there are going to be differences of opinions.


Kingpin has a union plant autoworker type of communication. If you are not use to that it can seem harsh. For instance, every time my Grandpa would see me, he would tell me he was going to knock my Di** in the dirt. Some might find that offensive, others just see it as a "how do ya do".

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Man, the last thing I want to do is cause trouble. I've been here since the beginning. hover over my name. MEMBER 11 BITHCES! I've been here all along. I check in daily. now is the time of unity. lets suck it up and get on with the issues. if we can accept the MACC, that you BB have bashed FOREVER, then lets start anew with everyone. Just once, lets accept all again, put differences aside, and work as one. the drama here is off the chart. as it's ALWAYS been. lets shift energy to a singular purpose. forget the past and re-group. TOGETHER ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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That would be Very Serious for me ...


Thank You Joe ...


I appreciate your Efforts and Forgiveness ...


I respect you all. but in what context was the threat? walk in his shoes, in your mind. he is going thru hell. I read what was said. live, not the edited version available today. either way. the frustation he has, is, was, feeling should be weighed. seriously, it sounded like a cry for help and a feeling of hopelessness more than contempt. my take, no disrespect

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Lives have been turned upside down. Many people don't know how to ask for help. They need to have their MM, and they need to feel safe. That security was taken from them, they'll never know that feeling of security again, always looking over their shoulder, always being on the alert- stressed, frightened, confused, can't trust anyone; nightmares, panic attacks, victims of psychological terrorism. They need some counseling, but it has to be done by a very gentle, sensitive, compassionate, person who's willing to listen to them and take their feelings, needs, concerns, etc. into consideration.


Kingpinn is part of our family. When someone needs help here, all they have to do is ask for it. If they don't know how to ask for it, or they're afraid to, someone may offer. People can only help in the way they know how. Listening is a skill, just as speaking is; so we listen and do our best. Society is not set up to handle trauma, though they think they are. Shoving meds that do more harm than good is not the answer. One thing is obvious from all I've seen by anyone who's been taken down by the system- they are angry. They have a darn good reason to be. I think it's the anger that everyone has the most difficulty with. Handling anger is quite a challenge. I have 2 words for that: ANGER MANAGEMENT. This is easier said than done, especially when the abuse doesn't stop. It'd be much easier to work on IF the abusive situation would end. But even if it did, emotions are strange beings. There'll always be that fear, mistrust, anger, bitterness, and depression. Hopelessness is something I know all too well, and it's not easy to fix. A good support group can be helpful, if the person is willing to give it a try. The anger is justified, but it has to be properly channeled and directed. When someone's angry, they may lash out at anyone and everyone, because they don't know how to handle it, it's feels like being under pressure and all the person knows is they have to get rid of it, so they yell, cuss, make threats, and worse, because that's all they know. They feel their world falling apart, they feel like they're the only one experiencing the trouble. They've been wronged, while the wrongdoer goes free. Anger from trauma is alike a physical pain that won't go away, but this scar is so deep, it'll take a lot to even begin to heal. These kind of scars never completely heal. How do I know? I've been traumatized all my life- robbed of my pride, dignity and self worth, felt invalid, worthless, useless, been denied, punished, taken advantage of, abused physically but mostly verbally/mentally/emotionally. This takes a toll on someone, regardless how strong they may be. I can barely imagine what kingpinn is going through, but when I do try imagining it, it's terrifying. So it's not just meds, or counseling he or anyone facing similar horrors needs, but also a network of supportive, compassionate people, some of whom have been in very similar situations. The anger management part, I could help with, if my help was wanted. Sometimes, no matter what others try todo to help, it doesn't seem to do any good. Sometimes, people don't realize who their real friends are. Then they put themselves through even more misery when they find themselves alone. Hopefully that will be a wake-up call for them. Many people never figure it out. I feel bad for them. They push away those who really want to help. It's not easy to understand. He never asked for any of this.


Although he's never acknowledged me, I do care about him very much and truly wish with all my heart that someone could help him heal enough to be able to find some peace and enjoy life again. I wish that for anyone who has suffered at the hands of this merciless world. The healing so many need, is the last thing they'll ever accept. How sad. Those who cause such undue suffering will answer for their abuse.


Sincerely, Sb

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Even being in pain is no reason to threaten the health of a good man. I was not aware of physical threats.


I'm in pain every day with cervical cord compression, but it's easy to just turn off the puter and be an azz in the privacy of your home. At least that's what I hope I've been doing. :D


The reinstatement with probationary period/approved posts is fair to all in that situation. It's the standard for most good boards. When you get bad enough to get permanently banned from a board, there's no member concerned as to where that person is, no member asking for that person's return, no member sad to see that person go. They earned it.


I never met Kingpinn in person, but only know him from his posts that I have read. I would bet half my last dollar that he is not the violent type, but struck out in anger from being in pain and under stress as we all have done at least once or twice, maybe even to someone we love. He's on the front lines of this. Suffering changes you mentally and physically and not usually for the better.


They say we tend to hurt those that are closest to us. That means we're all family here. I'm hurt when any member is banned.


It's true that our oppressors are trying hard to divide us, and only by dividing, can they conquer. We must not do it to ourselves. We'll need everyone when it's time to circle the wagons. Failure is not an option for us.


Whether he comes back or not is not up to me, but up to the management. I've seen that they have a good heart so we'll see how it all goes.



Peace in the Cannabis Community. :rock:

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given,no one should threaten physical violence on another member,when i was banned for something that i said,that wasn't in violation of any rule,but solely because it was thought to be to negative,the thought of violence crossed my mind..lol wisely my posting rights were reinstated....people should be able to post whatever they have to say(within the guidelines) with out fear of being blocked,censorship should not be tolerated...i'm sure kingpin just didn't wake up some morning and say "i think i'll tell joe i'm going to kick his donkey"..what was the cause for the attack?i think kingpin should be allowed to post an uncensored post for all to read and see what his beef is,and why he threaten violence in the first place..did someone call him a poopy head or what?..i'm glad to see he is now unblocked ,maybe now he'll be able to express his views within the guidelines and see what has upset him so...zb/budpuffer

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I love this community.


Thanks for all you do BB.


I am starting to feel the unity, thank you, with unity come security.


Longhairbri's idea about unbanning every as a symbolic gesture of unity is a great idea. As I said before, banning only keeps the honest away. Most will not return, but that is ok. A number of people were banned only for their thoughts and opinions, such as MACC. Others were banned because of a bad day or three. Trolls that are banned just change their I.P. and I.D. anyways.

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I wouldn't wanna be in Bb's shoes. Banning people is no fun, reinstating them may be risky but we can give them another chance and see how they handle it.


I think kingpinn needs a hug, if he'd accept it. He needs to find a way to release all that pent up anger and pain. BUT- If he or anyone makes another threat, they should be outta here. I don't know if I'd be so gracious as Bb to allow anyone who makes threats to be allowed to return, but because we understand kp's pain and anger, and are a Compassionate community, we feel for him.


Let's not let anything divide us, please. We don't want to play into our enemies' hands.


So, kingpinn :bighug: I love you.


I Love You All. :wub:


sincerely, Sb



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