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In Greenville there's a shop where a guy blows glass accessories. or I should say, makes his own glass ;) . I don't know if they have the nail or skillet, I'm such an old fuddy, guess i don't get out much. I don't even know what a nail or skillet is :blink: I didn't go in the shop anyway to know what they have, sooo I'm no help. But hey, there's a glass place in Greenville.

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Depending where you're located 42 degrees in a2 is the best glass shop in the tri state area! Or on the west side of the state they have an otters oasis in Kalamazoo and battle creek


42 degrees is awesome, great glass. Just go on your b-day and get half off. Best glass shop I have been to.


Otters oasis in kzoo is crazy expensive, but will have most everything you need.

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Glass is very easy to clean. You can get it looking like new in no time. Just put a load of salt in your pipe and then the highest percentage isopropyl alcohol you can find. Pour some in and shake it like mad.


If its a small pipe, or you need to clean downstems and glass bowls you just get two baggies. Put salt and alcohol in one bag, then put your piece in and shake it up. You need two bags just to double up in case it leaks. Often the alcohol will seep through the plastic.




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