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Boston Explosion

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No its not truth. Its nonsense that you made up in your head. It is a fantasy scenario that you would like to compare to unrelated events. The point of this was a positive condolences thread.


Lets just close this one.

Hard to post a thread about something and not expect opinions on who or what occurred man.

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What is really sad is the people that got to almost finish the race. Some of them were probably training years for this.

Yes, that's the tragic part.  Within 100 yards of the finish line and had to bow out because of a bomb.  Seriously?  The tragic part is that it ruined some marathon training for some people? 

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Seriously Mal. A little early for the politics. I will wait a day before I respond..

Aww. C'mon, You mean to say that kneejerk reactions are not welcome? :dodgyrun:


And I thought some insane remark was in order. Now I have nothing to say.

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 To compare an AR-15 to a bomb is about as stupid a thing as you can say.  Guns are quite a mark below explosives, but you know that already.  Not to mention I doubt anyone was going to have much luck concealing an Ar-15 down there on the street. You do have 1st amendment rights Hayduke., but low brow remarks like that will illicit a response. The blood isn't even dry on the pavement yet.....

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It isn't premature to conclude that some people are sick Fuks.  and most involved in MMJ, even the dreaded dispensary folks, are not this sick.


There was a program on NPR today about that nurse guy who killed hundreds of people under his care.  He even said he blocked out years of his life when he killed many. 


Sad.  Sick.

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cops_635x250_1366062384.jpgNow, with that out of the way , am I the only one disturbed by this pic?




Where is that, Iraq?


In lesser news today, there was bill introduced into our State legislature to make it unlawful for our LEOs or state National Guard to participate in the extended detention of people detained but not charged.

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