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Marijuana Legalization Bill Fails in Maine


On Thursday, the Maine State Legislature failed to pass a bill that would have legalized, taxed, and regulated recreational marijuana for individuals age 21 and older.  The Legislative Council voted 5-5 on the measure, stopping it from moving forward to a full Senate vote.


The marijuana legalization bill was introduced by Representative Diane Russell.  This was Russell’s third time introducing the bill.


Earlier this month, Portland, Me. voters passed a law legalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults in city limits.  However, when it came time to potentially extend that legalization to the entire state, one of Portland’s own lawmakers cast a dissenting vote. 


Senate President Justin Alfond, a Democrat who represents Portland in conjunction with Russell, voted against the legalization legislation.


David Boyer, the Maine political director at the Marijuana Policy Project, expressed his disappointment over Alfond’s vote.  He said, “To have a senator that represents a large portion of Portland, where an average of 80 percent of voters supported the initiative, is kind of disheartening.”


The bill will be reconsidered in 2015.



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But Decriminalization won't allow you to grow cannabis in your home so then what?



Decriminilize = No Crime


No Crime = No Time


No Time = No Dime



Old math


Decriminalization = Zero tolerance for Laws restricting HEMP cultivation, manufacture and possession.   Transportation....thats another matter

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