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Denver City Council Votes Against Marijuana In Public View On Private Property


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Denver City Council Votes Against Marijuana in Public View on Private Property


On Monday night, the Denver, Co. City Council voted to approve an ordinance that would ban people from using marijuana in a private yard or on a balcony if the users could be seen from a street or a sidewalk.  This could keep people from smoking marijuana on their front porch or in a backyard that is not surrounded by fencing.  The measure was passed on first reading with a 7-5 vote.


“Everyone up here tonight is going to make some enemies,” Councilman Charlie Brown told his colleagues.


While outspoken on the need to regulate marijuana, Brown said: “I can’t support it. I believe in individual private property rights.”


One opponent of the ordinance told the council, “I would rather see police going after serious drug problems than playing security patrol for the Stepford wives.”


On the other side of the issue, a parent argued that allowing residents to smoke pot in their front yards “undermines our conversations with our children by making it appear OK.”


Many marijuana advocates believe the ordinance is hypocritical given that individuals can smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol in public view on their private property, which could also send the message that those actions are “OK”.


Mason Tvert, head of the City Council’s Amendment 64 Committee, said that “there’s no reason to put into place a virtually unenforceable law.”  Tvert believes that the issue should be handled by individual communities through homeowner association rules or nuisance abatement laws.


The council will hold the second vote on this matter next Monday.  It is expected that it will pass again.



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The depth of fear that has permeated the average American's mind due to pot propaganda is absolutely breathtaking. It is a case study in how government can mold and bend a person's psyche (on a grand scale) in order to achieve control. They must have seen how well it worked in Communist Russia, China, Cambodia, etc.


Thank God for the internet!

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These council members are likely the ones tailgating before the Broncos game, downing beers and shots of 'Raiders' Blood' in an All-American family tradition. 


Any thought given to how that tradition might affect the children?  Not enough I guess to propose any laws forbidding drinking in front of children but omg, what if they were using marijuana !!

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that ordinance will never hold up in a court..


its about a warranty deed that grants American Citizens the right to have and hold personal property.


a person is granted many RIGHTS when they live in a home.. rights that are afforded by our constitution and this is the very reason why our forefathers had the foresight to write it the way they did.


your home is your castle.


its your keep. 


its where you protect your most valued possessions and hold the strongest of American protected rights.  its where you are allowed to be an American and there is no way they are going to be allowed to remove a personal right from private property without a supreme court battle.


understand that you don't have to "own" your home to be afforded these rights... even renters have these rights as an extension of the owner and the permission they grant you to live under (often called a lease) that roof at that time..


Florida just upheld this in a Supreme court decision where a K9 was brought to a persons front door... and it alerted... they raided..

in the end.. the police had no right to infringe on the owners property and it was tossed.

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