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Hey folks. I'll be updating and posting up pics of my current grow...maybe a few pics of the past grows too. I run all HO T5's in veg. Completely sealed flower room with CO2 monitored and controlled by Hydrofarm Autopilot, temps controlled by A/C, and dehumidifier to control RH. Solis Tek ballasts and bulbs in flower and LOTS of air movement. All Fox Farm soils and some of their nute line. Also supplement with GO Cal/Mag and Plantation Black Strap Molasses.


Current keepers:


ROC Grape Rom - Grape (DJ Short pre99 Blueberry) x original Federation Seeds Romulan


BOG Sour Bubble


BOG Sour Grape


ROC DOG x SK89 - (DOG x SSSC 89 Skunk #1)


ROC Grunkle - Grape (DJ Short pre99 Blueberry) x SSSC 89 Skunk #1


Also going through some seeds to find a few more keepers. BOG Sour Strawberry, ROC G13 Haze x ROM, and a few other Alien x DPD crosses.  I'll get some pics up soon. MGG






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admiring your awesome colors, mgg, even while i'm green with envy at your grow set-up.  i agree in spades with 'lots of air movement.'  that's a plus that outdoor grows have.  my op principle is to imitate outdoor pluses.

due to natural air ventilation (called wind) folks have difficulty lighting up outside.  that moving air, enuf wind to make lighting up difficult, is what nature provides a plant.  if you have that situation going on in your grow room, you have achieved enuf air movement.

i've stepped into a lot of grow rooms in 27 years and very few had sufficient air movement.

kudos on you bro.

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Phaque if theres free barbq you can bet I'll be there haha.


IMI we will have to get together and smog the room up. Got some good bunny muffin cured and ready to blaze.


Grassmatch I am a member at a cple other places and this girl is way to purty to keep hidden. :D


Thanks for the interest folks. I'll be back with more. MGG

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