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Patented Medicine !


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With skyrocketing demand for a reliable supply year over year, GB Sciences, Inc., has positioned itself to fill in the gap. From its base in Lake Mead, Nevada, near Las Vegas, this biotech firm is preparing to create its own line of patented cannabis pharmaceuticals. GB Sciences has Dr. Andrea Small-Howard as its chief science officer. She brings to the company her years of medical-cannabis research at prestigious institutions.

Dr. Small-Howard is helping commercialize and productize medical marijuana using a proprietary methodology that uses genetic culturing to produce a scientifically consistent result. GB Sciences has several trademarked technologies, including the InCUBEator™ Cannabis Propagation Chamber, GrowBLOX™ Cannabis Grow Chambers, CureBLOX™ Cannabis Drying System, and ConversionLAB™ Cannabis Extraction Solutions.


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sounds like a grow room to me with a tent :)  and cloning the strains,, big woop.. like its never been done before..

those products are just part of their equipment line up, and maybe the article is their sales vector for those, maybe.

"This biotechnology firm's efforts, combined with other companies' studies and research, can only lead to better education and optimization of Cannabis sativa, or marijuana."


These guys are using the proprietary culturing techniques that most of our food has been produced using for decades. This is the first I heard of a mass plan of cultured cannabis to supply on a large scale, like the big guys do.

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We are completing the development of a series of GrowBLOX™ chambers, which are uniquely designed for: a) sterile tissue culture (propagation); b) medical-grade marijuana cultivation.

specifically designed for sterile tissue cultures is a first in the industry. kudos to the stockies!




bad azz device ! reminds me of a do over phototron

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They have invented a proprietary process for harvesting without using many of the typically harmful chemicals used by other producers.


There it is again. Everyone but them uses poison. OH DEAR!!


i dont get why no one grows plants inside of nets? from start to finish. aside from losing some light due to the net.


so it avoids getting hairs or fibers/particles (or bugs) blown onto the flowers.


Could you go into more detail on the nets? Do you mean small mesh like mosquito netting?

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Worry over a bit of pesticides?  Mite poo?  Insects parts?  Enough to irradiate our herb?




Has anyone ever looked at the amounts of 'defects' our gov't deems allowable in our food???

Scarey, very scarey imo. 

I mean... mammalian excreta is considered 'aesthetic' ?


One example:


Fennel Seed

( MPM-V32)

20% or more of subsamples contain insects

Mammalian excreta
( MPM-V32)

20% or more of subsamples contain mammalian excreta
average of more than 3 mg of mammalian excreta per pound

DEFECT SOURCE:  Insects - preharvest and/or post harvest insect infestation, Excreta - post harvest and/or processing animal contamination




How about the mites in Hops?



(AOAC 967.23)

Average of more than 2,500 aphids per 10 grams

DEFECT SOURCE:  Pre-harvest infestation
Significance: Aesthetic




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Has anyone ever looked at the amounts of 'defects' our gov't deems allowable in our food???


That's the problem! They think our crops are grown the same way theirs are.


No wonder they're worried.

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