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Epic Mra Poll Puts Schuette Ahead Of Dem. Candidate By 6%


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Schuette 38%

Dem Candidate (don't remember his name) 32%

poll margin of error +-4%


Dump Schuette. Spread the word to everyone you know. Now is the time to act. Spread the word NOW.


Admin: I know this isn't about the Mich Legislature. You need another subtopic under political discussions to ad things like this.

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i don't really know much about him.... but i found this on Google


anyone know what his stance on MM is?




Dear friend,

mark-at-door.jpg?1370398918Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about me, my values, and my vision for the Office of Michigan Attorney General.

The job of the Attorney General is to keep us safe:  at home, at school, on the job, in the marketplace, and to protect our Great Lakes and Great Outdoors, as well. 

As Attorney General, my committment day and night will be to protect you from crime -- street crime, but economic crime as well -- and to never let politics get in the way.

As a former federal prosecutor I have a track record of keeping people safe, taking on criminals who harm our families.  And as a law professor, I've written the plan for how state attorneys general can protect families from the devastation of the economic crisis, while holding wrongdoers accountable. 

In recent years, however, we’ve lost our way. Like never before, we’ve seen our Attorney General serve his party, his patrons, and his own political career. And today every Michigan family is less safe because of it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Michigan deserves an Attorney General who understands what integrity demands: that protecting our citizens from harm is a sacred obligation for which nothing can stand in the way. That's my pledge to you.

Sincerely yours,


Mark Totten

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Exactly. Schuette was the spokesperson for the Vote NO on medical marihuana initiative in 2008.  I mean,... it would be VERY VERY hard to do worse than Schuette on this topic. Darn near impossible.


 Show support for Totten. Several cannabis groups are coming together for a fundraiser for Totten and we could use every single marijuana patient that exists out there voting against Schuette and getting their family and friends to get out and vote for Totten, or at minimum, against Schuette.


This isn't about republican or democratic or anything.  You can vote all republican or all democratic on the rest of your ballot,... just please vote against Schuette.


 Spread the word and show up.


Also,... the polls have been between 1-5% behind for Totten.  Schuette is ripe to get knocked off.  I believe Snyder can win and Schuette could lose at the same time.  Vote against Schuette. :-)

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Democrat Mark Totten wants to be the state’s next attorney general and he is burning up the shoe leather and mileage on his car to get there.

Enroute, of course, he needs to bump-off the guy who now holds the post. Mr. Totten is not bashful about taking on A.G. Bill Schuette.

In his opening comments on Off the Record, Mr. Totten suggested his possible opponent is using the post “to serve his party and his own political career.”

That’s hardly a new line since all the players in town know that the honorable Mr. Schuette, who has been everything there is to be, wants to add governor to his resume. He’s just marking time until it’s his turn, the popular wisdom goes.

Mr. Totten thinks using the job to get there is wrong.

“The joke is A.G. stands for aspiring governor,” he says as he begins his political assault on Mr. Schuette’s political aspirations. “I think that is perhaps the case with Bill Schuette…He’s using that position to try to please the very far right of his party so he can come out of a primary someday.”

So what the heck is wrong with that since an unknown Democrat Jennifer Granholm parlayed the A.G. job into eight years as governor?

Mr. Totten acknowledges the fact but declined to get into an analysis of how she might have used the office, too.

He accuses Mr. Schuette of taking on all sorts of “narrow social issues” to play to his party base while Mr. Totten believes the post should be used to “keep the people safe.”

Obviously the Schuette camp would argue that protecting the public is what their guy is doing and just because Democrat Totten, who supports gay marriage, is pro-choice and voted for the Medical Marijuana law, doesn’t like it, tough toenails.

Mr. T. counters, “the issue is, day by day are you making decisions that are in the best interest of the people you represent?”

So given his assertion that the office should not be a stepping stone, he was given a 
chance to make his own pledge.

“If you are elected attorney general, you won’t run for governor?”

“Ah, um, I’m not saying….” and then instead of completing the sentence he segues into this, “My dream job is to be the attorney general of Michigan.”

Your honor, please direct the witness to answer the question.

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I am a small government fiscal conservative and social liberal. As such I tend to align with the Libertarian party in most instances and lean Republican when I can't find better alternative.


In this instance however I feel it is imperative to replace the current Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette (never were an individuals initials more appropriate).


It is in the interest of all mmj patients and caregivers to pass the word to vote for Totten and vote against BS.

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Thanks outsideinthecold.


As I said,... I don't care if someone votes all R or L on the rest of the ballot,.. just please vote against Schuette. :)


Each Republican we can get to vote for Totten is worth 2 votes.  Each republican we get to vote L is worth one vote.




Schuette is just a ripe steaming pile ...

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"No one is superior or inferior to anyone else in this movement. There are just different skills and levels of motivation. That's all. Collectively, we can be just as good in the political arena as groups like the NRA, Sierra Club, ACLU, Right to Life, State Police etc.

Regardless of partisan differences, one thing everyone in the community knows: AG BILL SCHUETTE is the worst of the worst. There is a chance we can get rid of this predator in November. Some of us DO believe in poll numbers and Democrat MARK TOTTEN has a chance to pull this off. It could be very close and if Totten wins, it will change the climate big time for us!

Mark Totten needs money and people to vote for him. He has a plan" Author Tim Beck
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