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Long Term Storage?

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I'm wondering, if anyone has vacuum packed there buds for longer term storage.. a few months up to six perhaps...I have a seal a deal food storage vacuum pump and put it in there, now i want to store it for a while.. how long you figure it will last, any extra tidbits of info I may not have thought about?? feel free to jump in with what you have found... Other than the obvious , too wet,= mold / /

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A mason jar in the freezer works well and has been tested up to two years with no noticeable loss of potency or flavor.

Cured well before storage is important.

Letting the jar get to room temperature before opening is the key to not reintroducing excess moisture.

I would think in a vacuum bag would last indefinitely as long as it is pretected from being crushed by a pot roast or other native freezer inhabitant.

Outside of the freezer some strains store better than others.

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i use a vacuum sealer on a mason jar...my sealer has a little tube that runs to a cup like unit that fits on the jar and lid...take that and put them in a cool dark place and it can sit for a long time with out much loss..imho..the nice thing about it is it can still be a little damp,because mold doesn't form in a vacuum and the buds don't get chushed like in the bags...and the meds....they just mello...i do one grow a year and work thought it until the next grow is done...i can't say that i see any huge loss of strength and i know i have a nicer smoking and tasting bud after some time in the jars..months later they seem to be just like when you sealed them....now i know some will tell you how the thc degrades after only a few days/hrs...etc..and i don't disagree..but if you want, or have to, store some meds,,the jars are the best way i know...bp

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the degradation is subjective, you're right. I pass on harvests older than a month or two, typically though its all gone by next weeks harvest. I've given really old RKS to a patient who said she loved it more than when it was fresh. I thought it tasted like dog pooh and the effect was that of a tiring bore. RKS is super energetic in the weeks following harvest. Some folks swear by the long cure times, I suspect this is the type of effect they are seeking, or accepting.

I suggest trying it, if it works, awesome! Those vac jars are really tough too, thanks for reminding me I have a half dozen buried in the cupboard....empty of course, for now.

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the science would seem to suggest as you freeze it... it degrades instantly merely by the process of crystallization...


most cells will rupture when frozen..


i can say that cannabis - like most fine tobacco has a definite and absolute shelf life.


that being said...


some people prefer the cannabis fresh as harvested..

some people prefer to age the cannabis and allow it to mellow..


if you store cannabis at the proper humidity and light exposure... most strains will "peak" after 4-6 months of storage...


you can extend that time by tweaking the environmental variables...




all proteins degrade with time...


eventually the THC will be rendered useless in most peoples experiences.


so what does that mean?


we are all differant


some people like it fresh and right now

some people like it after its mellowed


in the end.... THC degrades on a specific wave line beginning the moment the calyx is separated from the stalk.... 

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I was surprised to learn that practically all plastics are porous... microscopic as it might be. Basically, over time, odor molecules work their way out. So from a safety point of view, i'd double vacuum seal it.


But insofar as degradation & an anecdote is concerned... buddy of mine left a basic ziplock bag out in the garage all summer (in a desert mind you), and it got us very stoned when we tried it.

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I know ppl that don't even like to smoke it until it's been in the jar at least 6 months and consider that early..... I've smoked a cal year old smoke that was great. Have to agree a jar beats a plastic bag even a vac sealed one. In my experience I am usually glad I let it sit. Personal preference plays the biggest part in all aspects of life, but I can't see you having any noticeable problems inside a year of storage unless in really high heat, or direct light.

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I have stored MM in a vacuum sealed "Food Saver" heavy bag for over a year with no noticeable degrading effect. If you use a vacuum sealer keep in mind your once fluffy flowers will become nearly a solid block with buds (from the compression) still being able to be pulled apart with a careful pull. I suspect the MM will last a long time from my experience (I do use the freezer) and flowers still retain their sticky attributes and best of all....potentcy. IMO

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