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Parents Arrested, Baby Taken Into Protective Services After Police Find Marijuana Grow Operation


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Two adults were arrested and their baby is in protective services after state police found a marijuana grow operation.

Officers got a tip, then a search warrant for the home on Irish Way Road in Crawford County's South Branch Township.

Troopers found plenty of pot, growing in small pools inside the home, in the back yard and in the woods behind the home.

Investigators also found a butane press, which is used to make edible marijuana products, something that can be extremely dangerous.

Michael Adams and Jessica Brunetti were both arrested.

Neither had any kind of medical marijuana license.



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Wow, what an incredibly horrible piece of 'reporting'.  This person should be ashamed.


Please quantify "plenty of pot", cripes.

unfortunatly the parents didnt have c.g cards or pt cards, I dont think any one should be punished for mm, but they need to be legal or lose their children? (not) I had a cps investigation and I had a grow room going, the investigation found our children were not in any danger and nothing ilegal was going on in our outside of our home, we have a nice home, food in the fridge, kids have good clothes and shoes and dont have issues in school!


When wil people realize that pot is not the horrible drug the reefer people made it out to be, it is safer and better than alcohol, how many kids get abused by alcoholic parents, now how many get abused by parents that smoke a joint now and then?


People who use marijuana dont steal, they dont black out and beat up there wife and kids, the dont run off the road and kill innocent people, what a messed up world when people think booze is safer than mmj!


I dont smoke to much mm and wake  up and not remember what I did, but if I drink to much booze I can get into fights, be an arse to my family and any one else for that matter, on mm I am mellow and realy dont care what others say, you would have to light me on fire to get me to fight you lol!




ps leave us mm users alone, our kids are safe and we love them as much or more than any alcoholic's!  :blow-a-heart:

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