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Victory Over The Mites!

Wild Bill

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I had one plant left in flower, about one week to harvest. When I went to check it in the morning it was covered in mites, I hadn't noticed anything the day before.


I went to check my veg room and there were some there too.


The almost ready to harvest plant was chopped. As the colas were removed I submerged them in cold water to rinse off the insects and hung them to dry.


Completely cleaned, disinfected and re-painted the flower room then sprayed with Pyrethrum.


When the room was ready to go again I took cuttings from the two plants I had in veg, submerged them in cold water and put them into the now clean flower room (with the light cycle changed to veg).


I then rinsed the mother plants with cold water, hosing them off until the branches hung down from the weight of the water. I took particular care in rinsing the undersides of the leaves. Fortunately the largest of the two was only about 2 feet tall so it wasn't too difficult.


Everything was now in one room and no visible insects, but I had to go out of town the next day and was worried about what would greet me when I returned. Hung up a No Pest Strip as insurance and left.


When I came back a week later the plants were healthy and not a mite to be seen. So far none have come back. The veg room will now get a complete overhaul also but it looks like they're all gone.


This was only my second experience with mites so I was very relieved that it wasn't worse. Apparently if you get to them before they get too much of a foothold and physically remove them with water they're not as tough as their reputation.

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