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Thai Fantasy Closet Scrog

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Thanks to all for stopping by!


A few notes about this strain.


A rule i usually hear with soil is nutes at half strength; more is less. With this strain, they are very happy at full strength foxfarms nutes per the foxfarms schedule; they're decent feeders. Also, i've grown out 5 of them, and kept the best one. All beans popped were similar phenotypes, this strain seems quite stable.


I've had a few accidents with it, a couple light leaks, one day with a little water stress. I've also been dealing with a thrip problem i acquired from a domestic plant purchased at kmart :S(live and learn right?) I dealt with it swiftly using azamax, and haven't seen them back again yet. So far this strain has shown no hermaphroditic tendencies; it seems quite resilient.



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Very Nice Looking Lady's


" TheFlyingBuddha "


Sure looks like a Beautiful Garden

of Green of Sticky Budds ....


Never had any " thai fantasy "

Is that a Indica or Sativa ?


Thanks for Sharing w/ Us ....


Thai fantasy is a hybrid sativa/indica. Her parents make her more sativa leaning, and she definitely feels like a sativa as well. The breeder is called kannabis seeds, i believe they're based out of spain.

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