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9/5/2013 New Conditions Public Hearing Report

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My emotions are raw tonight.  My eyes are red and tearing.


Twenty people testified today regarding adding PTSD and/or Insomnia as a new condition.


The brave souls testifying told us of their darkest and deepest secrets and pain.  Over and over it was clear that the testimony was not fake or cloying.  This was the real deal, the hidden sufferers who's lives have been turned upside down by lack of sleep or the horrid pain of witnessing the truly unspeakable.


My job was far easier than their's, and I must note my deep admiration for all who came and shared.  It was a pretty empty room truthfully, and probably 99% who came, stepped up quietly and told their stories.  It was another life altering series of moments for me.  Numerous talked of the shame they felt coming forward, and how besides PTSD they had other qualifying conditions, so the addition of PTSD would not really benefit them personally.... but they came and told their tale to help others with PTSD who don't have the other qualifying conditions necessary to qualify for a card.


Whether you testify or vote or anything, I would ask you to try and make a hearing.  You will better appreciate your own life, and say there but for the grace of god go I.


To get this atheist to say that is pretty hard.... but it is true.


I do not have any power other than to listen and vote, but I have tried really hard to see this one through to success.  PTSD is so bad, and there is not a cure, and is of huge importance to gain more legitimacy for the program that it is not even funny.


John Evans is the person who did all the heavy lifting to get this panel going for a period of over three years.  Virtually single handed, Johnny did all the heavy lifting.  Unfortunately he was in the VA today and could not make it out.  I told him that the folks who testified all followed his own high standard.


that is what I saw today...

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Thanx Bro.


We are fortunate to have someone like you on the panel.


I hope Dr. Davis(Chief Medical Examiner) was moved to keep an open mind as to this panel and continue to show support.


Dr. Crocker always amazing.  A compliment to his chosen field.


I wish more members of the panel would attend these public comments, but they do receive them in transcripts etc.  It can be easy to shade your eyes when reading paper; near impossible when looking into sincere eyes.


 Anyhow,... keeping my fingers crossed approval of PTSD succeeds, and many more conditions in the future.

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What a depraved society.


Sick people need to go begging at the feet of the very people who are supposedly protecting them.


"May I please have your permission to possess a plant so I can live a more normal life?"



Sad isnt it?


I cannot understand why all panel members cannot show up to hear the begging.....uhhhh I mean testimony.

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thank you everyone who attended.


I am diagnosed and am being treated for PTSD and I can say it is a serious ailment and I am certain cannabis can help release some of the frustrations for many more people.


I am so very thankful and proud of those people who had the audacity to come and represent the rest of us who are suffering with the stress of living with PTSD.


thank you everyone for caring. 

thank you for putting forth such effort.

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Approximately 7.7 million American adults age 18 and older, or about 3.5 percent of people in this age group in a given year, have PTSD.


7.5 million adults in Michigan.


260,000 in a given year...

And we dont have all of our troops home yet, wait till they come home It could be way higher than any of us think!


Thanks hayduke for sharing!



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I think the Panel members represent a real cross section of opinions, and I believe that a healthy thing. Even when we disagree virtually everyone is civil and willing to listen...


re your comment Mi Brains, bless your heart. You are emblematic of who I try hard to represent.


In case anyone does not understand the full scope of PTSD, just in the military alone, for every one soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.... 25 commit suicide.


We cannot ignore that number....

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So did they add PTSD..?  I guess I did not read every rewponse...too tired...Hopefully with the recent sanjay report and the DOJ Memo they will add some shiiyat and get off this prohibition mind set.  If they keep shooting shiiyat down ,..then FUX em all ..it time for LEGALIZATION either way.\




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Perhaps so, and when you get about $1,000,000 to pay out to the people who gather signatures, please let me know....

Think small and yuo will be small.  How do you think we even have MED MJ in this state..?  donations from people like everyone that donates and lots of volunteering. 


How did CO and WA get it done..? 



I donate every single month so that good people like that at MPP, ASA and a slew of others get things done.  Not much mnore to say on this topic.



But if you don't donate and or volunteer and or think small then nothing will get done.  I don't know about you but ai am sick of living in fear so I keep sending in my money..!!! Month, after month, after month,  on good months and on bad months...I dish out kibbles n bits.  So one day I won't have to fear my door being kicked in my masked armed thugs.!!  Or by over zealous Prosecutors like Jessica Cooper attempting to steal my home an dor property.

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