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Coconut Oil Extraction


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I've decarbed a 1/2oz. and have it in a coconut oil and water bath.  When I was taking the tray from the oven I noticed vapor lingering on the sheet.  The temp gun read 306f as I opened and gunned immediately.  I was wondering if this was water vapor or if I vaporized the bud.  I'd hate to make pot flavored brownies:) what do y'all think?  It didn't look as crystally and was a bit off color after the 15 minutes.  I temp gunned in the beginning and it was 286 when I put them in.  Never decarbed before boiling before.


Also, I've never liked the squeezing thru cheesecloth at the end.  Is there any small presses that you could use to press out the oil that remains stuck in the bud which would be less messy?

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I use water to add volume because the oil alone would just soak into the buds and fry.  It's for the extraction process.  It's 1/2 oz. buds and 2/3 cup of oil.  I then strain and let the oil solidify on the top.  I use coconut oil because I'm lactose intolerant and have IBS so even the milk solids upset my stomach. The coconut oil is nice because it solidifies at room temps and has the highest saturated or unsaturated fat(can't remember which or if it's the right stuff) and can "hold" more THC, This is from what I remember I'd read.  No reference or proof though.

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I like coconut oil extractions too, so I'm learning as we go.

I tired quickly of the mj in the mix, and settled on using an

extraction first. The heated oil would always pull the unwanted flavors

and chlorophyll, etc. I tried first soaking my herb with water till I got green

out of it, then cooking, that was better.

I extract first now, and add that to the warmed coconut oil. I pour it right back into the original

container. it solidifies a little darker, but mostly unnoticeable. on toast, in eggs or even a spoonful, wham!!

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Awesome, thanks for the info.


  I read some of your threads on butane extraction and reclaiming the butane.  Is that how you extract first? 


I also saw your thread and tools for the trade.  I like the pollen catcher you had listed the link to.  Is co2 extraction using dry ice to freeze and remove crystals in some type of device similar to the sifter method or is there liquid co2 involved?  I was thinking of freezing and sifting and decarbing at lower temps for longer to preserve other cannibinoids and terpines and adding that to the oil instead of boiling the plant material to get the thc into the coco oil. 

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The Tamisium extractor almost naturally insists on a full reclaim of any solvent used. With a weight in and out, its easy to see when the task is complete.


Liquid c02 extraction is a super critical one reserved for those with big cash, and special licensing from the authorities. the pressures used are outrageous, but the end result is superb. The one I am familiar with required an entire safe room for operation

A dry sift is effective at breaking the head of the trichome stalks off of the shaft, and screening them with the proper micron screen to avoid most other plant debris. the c02 made by the evaporation of the dry ice serves no purpose in this type of sift.


if you are boiling anyways, or heating the oil, I see no reason to pre heat the herb. also keep in mind that herb inside of a room temp bottle of olive oil, peanut oil, etc, will extract the active compounds form the herb, with no cooking. gentle heat will expedite the extraction. try lower temps when cooking. over 150-200 and most of those aromatic terpenes are evaporated. thc, cbd are terpenes.



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I extract 1st. also.


I use coconut oil in 00 capsules (yuck coconuts lol) 8 daily,

even if I don't have cannabis to infuse.  I have been much

healthier over the last year.  Recent blood work shows that

my triglycerides, hdl, ldl better than in 15 yrs. 

I do believe that a large part of these great results are due

to my use of coconut oil.

I did make a major dietary shift also.

I rarely eat meat, or dairy (or anything with a face :) ) and

supplement with other oils.

+ 6000 IU of Vit D Daily, no more SAD!!!


Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride and I think that

is the ticket.

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to try one of those sifters.


I try not to eat anything with a face unless I've shot it, caught it or know the family that raised it.  Can't wait to get out on the ice for some perch and walleye:)

I didn't even think of getting out the vit. d I've been so busy, Thanks for the reminder.


I'd like to figure out how I can get the max amount or at least the equal weight of coconut oil to the weight of plant material lost.  I'd like to make capsules myself and the weight of oil to lost plant material in this batch was about 3 oz. of oil to 1/2 oz of flowers.  Not sure what a dose will run but a gram of flowers/oil ratio is such that it'd probably take 10 or more capsules.  It looked like pretty big blocks broken into about 14 pieces.


  Is there a limit on how much flower you can extract into 1 oz. weightwise of oil.  I mean I know there is and it probably relates to the thc content of the flowers but is there a lower limit on saturation point if you don't extract first  I'd like to have a storage of capsules that doesn't put me over my weight limit.  Brownies are out of the question since the mix puts me at 8x my weight limit.  8 of the fx capsules weighs about 4.4 grams.  Could you get that potency without a co2, butane or alcohol extraction then reduction, just by boiling with water and oil?  Would you be able to get that potency by using stuff from the sifter right into the oil?  what about decarbing the siftings?  Do it in the oil or before in the oven.  Sorry, lots of thoughts on what to try next. Thanks.

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Saturation point, good question!

I don't know the answer though, lol.


I cold extract then decarbox in the oil.

I do it this way so that if I am caught,

I don't have the full weight of the coconut

oil to deal with.  I only do up small

amounts of capsules at a time for the

same reason :)

Also, this helps me to know just how

much of the concentrated cannabis

I am using.

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Wow, bit too much.  Turned out to be appr. 6-7gr. of coconut oil for that dose and it's about twice as much as I'd want to try next time.  That felt like a 35mg +dose compared to the co2 caps and the star something fruit chews I've had to compare them to.  Too much for about 2 hours. So at 3 gr. per dose that'd be about 6 capsules if it's equal weight to the co2 caps. I may be able to pack more in and make the capsules weigh more. 


So at 6-7 grams oil weight to 1 gram flower weight I'd have to get 3-4 oz. flowers into 2/3 cup coconut oil to get a 1/1 flower/oil weight ratio if 2/3 cups will extract that much thc.


I'll have to say decarbed in oil is much stronger than nondecarbed in devils springs vodka.  The 1 gram per dose is more than enough.  Maybe outside by a fire with a beer but not at home in the winter.

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Ya, but your talkin bho or hash oil not coconut oil right?


Second trial.  This time I used Lemon75Wappa which is much more of an indica than the Pineapple Express I used in the first batch.


I used 1/4oz in 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a water bath.  I decarbed for 30 min at 250 this time and simmered at about 180 for an hour.  The results were great.  At this ratio you get about 28gr of reclaimed oil.  At a dose being about 1/2gr. of flower material this translates to a 2gr. weight in oil.  That's a 4/1 ratio of oil/flower material used. 


  I should be able to get about 4 capsules per 1/2 gr flower material.  The high was very relaxing for about 5 hours ending in a great nite's sleep.  The dose was just enough to oil a half english muffin.  If there is a limit to extraction I don't think it's a problem till you get closer to or past a 1/1 flower/oil weight ratio.  Next time I'll try 1/2oz. flowers to a 1/4 cup oil.  That should end in a 2/1 oil to flower weight ratio.


I made the former batch to chocolates.  I added 1/4 cup coconut oil to a tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons cocoa powder.  the honey didn't mix so I re-liquified and poured off the cocoa and oil and added confectioners sugar to it.  It still didn't dissolve but layered well and tastes great.  A little too good considering a 1/2 in cube is all that's needed:)

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Got capsules this am.  00 size and filled 28 capsules with coconut oil extract.  Nice numbers 1/4oz-1/4cup, 28 capsules approximately 4 capsules = 1 gram/flower and 1 capule weighs appr 1 gram.  

  Testing one at room temp on a paper towel, seems to be some leakage.  Could just be some got on the outside of the capsule. Best stored in the fridge and never put in a pocket.

Took one this am at 1120.  kicked in around 12-1230ish.  Seems like a little too much to start the chainsaw and work on firewood but nice.  About equivalent to an fx 10mg capsule. 

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