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Yield Explained In A Paragraph Or Two

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1.  sog rules the yield world.  Many plants, the same strain, the same height, flowered at about 8 inches tall, each yielding 10-20 grams per plant makes for a yield that space for space, cannot be equaled in any any other method of growing.  This method is what made a name for indoor growing.  When clones are acquired from a vendor, a grower never need veg.  This is why sog has a great reputation for efficiency.


2.  growing trees developed as the second most efficient method, behind sog, to get lotsa yield while staying under laws that set max plant counts.   Even when large plants are acquired from a vendor and flowered immediately, this method is less efficient than flowering many small plants.

Growers who have no fear do giant sog grows, putting 1000 clones in a 10 x 10 room, in small soil pots, and yield 25 to 45 pounds every cycle...  



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'SCROG rules in Michigan.'

Why you say that Restorium?  Just a note--the ideal scrog plant and the ideal tree plant are the same:

naturally branchy and heavy-yielding...and trees result from one style of giant scrog as wide as 10 feet.

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What's it called when you have a perpetual harvest and take out a big plant and replace it with a small plant every week so the room kinda breathes(expands and contracts)?  I hear you can get 1/4lb a week out of a 4x8 closet under 2 - 600's(and 350w veg room) with that method.

Perpetual garden that's my jam!


1/4 to 1/2 pound every 14-21 days.

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Hmmm, I've got plant counts and ceiling heights to worry about, so I guess neither SOG nor trees works for me.  SCROG could work, except I run perpetual, and that would be a clusterfock to try to pull off both at the same time (unless you have unlimited floor space).

I do a scrog with perpetual harvest and it works great.  I made portable tables (like a flood table) on wheels with the scrog frame attached to the table and it works great.  I put anywhere from 1 to 6 plants on a table.  The table takes up 5 sq ft.

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