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Thats A Lot Of Joints!


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Seattle -- Figuring out how much marijuana people use has been one of the trickiest, and most important, questions facing the bureaucrats who are setting up Washington state’s new legal pot system.


Underestimate demand, and marijuana fans might stick with their black market dealers. Overestimate it, and the surplus legal production could wind up being diverted out of state, or to kids.

Now, researchers working with the state’s official pot consultant think they have their best look yet at cannabis consumption in Washington — aided by a novel survey aimed at figuring out how much the heaviest users of marijuana burn on a typical day. In a study released Wednesday, a RAND Corp. team figured that Washington’s roughly 750,000 marijuana users will have consumed between 135 and 225 metric tons of the drug in 2013.


The median figure they came up with is 175 metric tons. That’s more than 6 million ounces, enough for around 340 million joints, and more than twice what the state estimated before voters approved Washington’s legal weed law last year.


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Well when i was growing i did use about 1 oz a week but now i only use about 1/4 oz a month i'am still to worried about even growing today after almost 5 years of Court


am not sure if i will ever grow again i do have some seeds from the old days i guess i just don't have the Ba*lls to grow and don't want to loos it all over again and if it wasn't for a friend that you and i know


i wouldn't  be using Cannabis at all we have no $$ to use on Cannabis i could use a Job if anyone needs help 

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