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Marijuana Soaked In Alcohol Is Not A Narcotic

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Grower Alert!!

Place all overages into bottles and pour vodka over them. store in a cool dark place and watch it turn green. It makes a great fire starter, dye, bbq  grill cleaner, rodent deterrent, hand wash and more !  Amazingly versatile, this plant and even its non narcotic uses continue to leave me in awe. Rope, clothing, plastics, move aside !

Mr. Canna Clean has arrived !

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that link says that marijuana soaked in alcohol renders it inedible and that if the prosecutor had presented evidence that said it could be dried and used as a narcotic then it could be charged.


since rso is intended for ingestion, i think it wont fly for that.


now, if someone was to make marijuana balm/salve that could not be eaten or smoked (pretty much all balm/salve) then that would, according to this ruling, not be a narcotic. although this ruling imo goes against the scheduling of thc and marijuana, so i do not understand it at all...


what they did was take a ruling on trace amounts of narcotics. which said a trace amount of narcotic was not enough potential to be used as a narcotic to charge the person with. and applied it to this case, marijuana+rubbing alcohol, as it wasnt going to be ingested/smoked and said , ok , it has no potential to be used.


imo it only applies to this case as hte prosecutor did not say the magic words to get over the burden of proof. i wouldnt hold onto this (california court of appeals ruling) as any kind of usable ruling for anything.

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Prosecutions of drug cases seem to be more random and unpredictable than ever. They can't even decide among themselves what is legal and what is not. It varies from locality to locality.


Drowning men grasping at straws trying to keep a failed policy from sinking like a stone.

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